​How Quickly Would You Bounce Back After Everything You Owned Burned Down?



A year? A month? A week?


The very next day…as if it was little more than stubbing your toe?


While I was shocked when this occurred to me in August 2020 in one of the California wildfires…I was even more shocked by how easily I took the challenge in stride.


Not just dealing with it, but instantly seeing how it would make me and my family stronger.


In fact, it was the antifragility developed that in part led to this course being developed!

Antifragility – the Power to Get BETTER from Setbacks and Stressors

Mental toughness is good. But being antifragile is even better.


This is the ability to not just tough it out, but expand your ability to handle bigger and worse challenges all the easier. To use them to grow better. 


Just imagine if ALL your daily stressors were handled easily.


Or that you had twice or three times the stress…but this served only to move you towards happiness and your goals all the faster.


Yes, it is possible.

Mental Toughness Behind Feats of Strength and Endurance

I am a well-known strongman having done a wide variety of feats of strength and endurance.


Mental toughness was a key skill used in accomplishing the following:

Pulling an 8,800 lb. fire truck by my hair.


The mental toughness to say yes to flying out to an event halfway across the country to do something way beyond what I’d ever done before.


The mental toughness to rally all my forces after initially failing at the task, to ultimately succeed.


Supporting over half a ton on top of wrestler’s bridge.


This is a dangerous feat of strength in that one slip could lead to permanent and devastating damage.


Months and months of training all leading up to doing it, and after several failed attempts.

Snatching a 24kg/53lb. kettlebell 301 times in ten minutes.


When 200 reps are considered great, to do 300 is insane. And yet I set this goal, trained at it for months, weathered many setbacks and eventually accomplished it. Basically, it entails going full speed non-step for the entire ten-minute duration.


I would also go on to snatch "the Beast," a 48kg/106lb. kettlebell 91 times in ten minutes.

Winning a Strongman Competition.


…especially after bombing on the first event! This was a comeback that took everything I had both physically and mentally.


These are just a few highlights of how mental toughness has played out in my training, not just in the moment, but the months and years of training leading up to them.


Accurate Thinking Behind Mental Toughness...
To Make It Cover All of Life, including the Toughest Setbacks

This subject is far from about just working out. While mental toughness plays an important role here, it plays an even more important role elsewhere in life.


In addition, to be a strongman, I’m trained in a wide variety of modalities. One of those is being a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, which included running an NLP Training business for a few years.


What I’ve found is that this is one of the best ways of thinking and feeling about the subject of mental toughness and antifragility.


And this means giving you the tools and strategies to do just the same.

I’m not a one-trick pony...and I don’t want you to be either.


While mental toughness is great for fitness, it has a wide range of other applications.

All of these and more are discussed in this course, 10 Keys to Mental Toughness and Antifragility.

  • Fasting for 7 Days Straight -->

  • <-- Building two businesses, one six figures, one seven figures

  • Handling the loss of my mother to cancer (what I did wrong and what I did right in dealing with death)

  • Not just surviving but thriving in the pandemic of 2020

I Definitely Wasn't Always Mentally Tough...

I was a weak and scrawny kid all up through high school.


I had no mental toughness. I lacked confidence.


But I was able to turn that all around starting with some of the methods covered inside.


I've added many tools and strategies over the years, but some of the earliest things I did were the most powerful. 

In Other Words, If I Could Do It...You Can Too!

But mental toughness is not the end-all, be-all of training nor anything else. It has a proper use and a proper place.


Outside of that, mental toughness can not only get in your way and impede your goals, but it can actually hurt you!


You have to know the difference. Unfortunately, that difference is not always clear.


And herein lies one of the major challenges of properly using mental toughness.

What 10 Keys to Mental Toughness & Antifragility Includes:

The main part of the course is a written manual.


In addition, this course includes 12 video modules that walk you through all the methods and strategies behind optimizing your mental toughness and antifragility.

Module 1 – Definitions

  • Understand what Mental Toughness is and what Mental Toughness is Not

  • Start/Keep/Stop - The 3 Ways Mental Toughness Plays Out

  • A Critical Error Many Make Regarding Emotional Toughness

  • Why Antifragility is Better than Resilience

Module 2 – Meta Skillset

  • How the Pioneering Work by Dr. Dweck applies to Mental Toughness (without this Belief you’re likely to get no where)

  • Do some people have Unlimited Willpower? What to do for the rest of us Mere Mortals

  • The Key Differentiator between a Skill and Meta Skill and how this helps you build Mental Toughness

  • The Key Differentiator between a Skill and Skillset and how this helps you build Mental Toughness

  • Killing Two Birds with One Stone - How to Doubly Gain from Practicing Mental Toughness

Module 3 – Light and Dark Sides

  • The Golden Mean as applied to Mental Toughness

  • Recognizing where Mental Toughness falls short and what to do about it

  • How Mental Toughness can get you in Trouble in the Gym

  • Where Mental Toughness can lead you wrong with Diet

  • Judge these Feedback Signals to Turn up the Light Side and Turn Down the Dark Side with Ease

  • Turning Hindsight into Foresight - The Trickiness of Calling for Mental Toughness

  • How to Make Sure You Don’t Spend Decades Going the Wrong Direction, Wrecking Your Body, Your Health and Your Happiness

Module 4 – Bypassing Willpower

  • Why Mental Toughness is Not Always What it Appears to Be...especially Looking in from the Outside

  • The No-Willpower Key to Working Out

  • How to Hack Your Results to Engage in Any Activity Easier

  • A Stupidly Simple 1 Minute Exercise that Most People Will Fail...that Nonetheless Shows a Willpower Bypassing Method of Training

  • Develop These Two Parallel Paths to Maximize the Light Side and Mitigate the Dark Side

  • An Exact Ratio of Two Parallel Paths as Applies to Fitness

Module 5 – Reflexivity

  • The Four Ways Our Mind Can Reflex On Itself

  • Why Spiraling Out-of-Control is Common Place...but Not Easily Observed

  • An Example of Thoughts and Feelings that Lead to Mental Weakness and Quitting 

  • An Example of Thoughts and Feelings that Lead to Mental Toughness and Success

  • The MOST Important of the NLP Presuppositions when it comes to Antifragility

  • The Secret of How Quitting can Actually Help Your Mental Toughness

  • Do You Have these Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Working For or Against You?

  • How to Maximize the Benefits of Expectations, while Minimizing the Drawback

Each Video Can Be Viewed Online or Download to Your Device

Module 6 – Transmutation

  • How My Mother’s Death Helped Me become More Antifragile

  • An Insidious Idea around Grief and Death...and What Works Better

  • Why Denial is Best Avoided

  • The 4-Step Transmutation Strategy (Possibly the Most Important Method in this Course)

  • How to USE Pain Effectively

Module 7 – Time Frames

  • Short Term vs Long Term Mental Toughness

  • Why Decisions are Important to Mental Toughness (and How to Pre-Decide)

  • How to Make Sure You’re Aligned for Best Results

  • What to do if you find yourself Falling Back into Old, Weak Habits Over and Over Again

  • Two Different and Useful Ways to Build Mental Toughness Momentum

  • This “Marker” Strategy is Tried-and-True Way to Be Mentally Tough

Module 8 – Thresholds

  • Understand Your Threshold for Mental Toughness

  • Beware Multiple Events in Sequence

  • Why Crashing My Car in Pitch Black Didn’t Get to Me but My Water Heater Not Working Did

  • How Fragility can be Your Friend

  • How Injuring Yourself Can Be Made Useful

  • The Stress Cup Analogy and Why Many People Make Backwards Decisions that Shrink Their Cup

Module 9 – Motivations

  • The Mental Toughness Strategy of a Holocaust Survivor

  • 106 Values - Which are Most Important to You?

  • The Value Framing Exercise to Tap into Your Strongest Motivations

  • What Drives My Mental Toughness...that You Can Borrow

  • We Compare Ourselves to Others Naturally...You Might as Well Do It Better with these Tips and Strategies

  • The Pitfall High Achieving Types Fall Prey To

Module 10 – Contexts

  • What STOPS Mental Toughness in One Area Work For You in Another

  • The Key Belief that Generalizes Mental Toughness for You

  • What to do about Bullying

  • How to Meditate for ADHD Types

  • A Mental Focus Trick that Works 90% of the Time

  • How to Develop Rejection Proof Thick Skin for Social Situations  

  • My Personal Journey from a shaky voice in public speaking to getting paid to speak on a stage

  • Quell Anxiety and Fears with the Ridiculous Blowout Technique

  • Can You Make Other People Mentally Tougher? Your Friends? Your Spouse? Your Kids? The Answer Might Suprise You...

Module 11 – Physical Actions

  • The Three Categories of Fitness to Best Build Mental Toughness

  • 23 Specific Exercises to get Mentally Tough

  • Any Fitness is Good for Toughness. These Workouts are At Least 10X Better

  • Two Proteins that Have Nothing to do with What You Eat that Make You More Antifragile and How to Develop Them

  • A Free No-Equipment Anywhere, Anytime Method to Build Mental Toughness that You Could Even Do While Reading This

  • How to Fast for Physical Benefits Plus Mental Toughness

  • Binge Eating, Diet Upsets and What to Do About It

Module 12 – Reflexivity Actions

  • If I Had to Choose One and Only One Thing to Develop Mental Toughness and Antifragility, THIS would be It (It is Definitely not What You Think…)

  • The Secret of Failing 1000 Times...and Still Winning!

  • What Scares Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan Races?

  • The Antifragile Lessons I Learned from My House Burning Down

  • How to Build Perspective even If You’re Young and Naive

  • What Led Me to “Wrestling with Demons” and How this Under-rated Method Can Boost Your Mental Toughness Fast

  • Two of the Darkest Yet Most Awe-Inspiring Stories I’ve Ever Heard

In total this is 2 hours, 25 minutes of training by video. Plus you’ll get the training manual that goes even deeper into these and more subjects.


10 Keys to Mental Toughness & Antifragility

Bonus #1: Mental Toughness of the Man Who Ran Across the Sahara Desert

Just imagine it. Running not one, but a double marathon. Not just one, but day after day after day for 121 days straight. And not just anywhere, but in the freaking Sahara Desert!


This is one of my favorite interviews of all time, with the man crazy enough, and mentally tough enough to do it, Charlie Engle.


Not only will this interview inspire you to up your game, but you’ll find methods that will specifically help you to unlock better mental toughness in yourself.


Includes MP3, Transcript and Bonus Workbook.



Bonus #2: Fasting Chapter from Powered By Nature



Fasting is a tried-and-true method of building mental toughness…not to mention the wide variety of health benefits it brings.


This method is mentioned in the physical actions area. And I’ve covered the topic in depth in my book Powered By Nature.


A special download of this chapter is included to help get you started and progressing forward in this area.



Warning! This is NOT a Workout Program, it’s About Mindset

Of course, I touch on what are the best options for building mental toughness by working out. But this course does not go into specific details about technique for exercises or give you a training plan.


If that is what you’re looking for you can check out my many other courses, books and videos available.


Instead, this course is to give you the higher level capabilities to better apply to any form of physical training and beyond.

Early Praise for 10 Keys...

I thought the "10 Keys of Mental Toughness & Antifragility" is a well informed course on the subject.  It caused me to reflect on my own experiences as I read through and led me to Reflectively journal on them leading to a greater understanding of the quote, "A well defined problem is half solved",  because it defines Mental Toughness and Antifragility in a way that is applicable to life's challenges.


In the light of this, I have started to restructure my habits and routines around training and life, remembering the Martial Maim "Make your weaknesses strengths and your strengths become super strengths".


The idea that Mental Toughness is the be all and end in life is put to rest and the model of Antifragility is better, especially as .both are part of a Meta Skill set, which in turn are a subset of a greater Metaset - Mental training opens up many more options to consider, - therefore more choices - therefore greater freedom.


I appreciated the section in the manual on reflection on evil, as it reminded me of when I thought things were bad I used to think how I would survive somewhere like Auschwitz as an intern and sometimes as a guard. and I would try to see (but never fully understand) how such places ever exist.


On a more upbeat note the "10 Keys to Mental Toughness & Antifragility" is, I feel, a very good resource to use in Training (living life) for a long time to come , and I am very happy to have acquired it.


Many thanks
Paul R Day. 

“The 10 Keys to Mental Toughness course is solid information that at a few different occasions had me pausing to think. I never considered the idea of the potential of mental toughness potentially being a negative but when I thought about it I actually practiced that philosophy where it literally almost killed me...A recent better example is that I recently had a wisdom tooth pulled, which I had conditioned myself to believe was going to be a smooth event prior to the appointment. I did not require a single dose of pain medication post surgery and only had basic numbing shots to pull it. I attribute that to having a good dentist and the proper mindset." - Phil


10 Keys to Mental Toughness & Antifragility

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