The Flexibility You WANT

The Flexibility You NEED

In Only 7 Minutes Just a Few Times Per Week

The splits are the prototypical flexibility exercise. Nothing really says you’ve mastered flexibility more than these.

Of course, most people are a long ways from here!


While so many would love to accomplish this exercise, do you really need to? (No, splits level flexibility is not something the vast majority of people need, just something they WANT.)


But you do need some flexibility, including in the hips and hamstrings as used here. (This is the flexibility everyone NEEDS.)


Here is the same “move” done in a way that everyone needs.

More on progression in flexibility shortly, but first why is this SO IMPORTANT…

What if it was Possible to Not Only Maintain Flexibility as You Age, but Continue to Become Even More Flexible?

If an 80-year-old could do this, what do you think their chances of dying in the next few years are?


I know, you may be thinking I could never do that! But stick with me for a minute. Even if that were true, any increased flexibility you achieve may be hugely important for your health.


(And if only I had a picture of just how stiff I was when I first starting training…)


A look through the scientific literature reveals some interesting things:

  • Lack of flexibility is associated with atherosclerosis or arterial stiffness leading to stroke and heart disease (independently from other variables) [1] 
  • Just four weeks of stretching in middle aged men reduced this arterial stiffness [2]
  • Obviously, physical activity in general (strength and cardiovascular fitness) is associated with less all-cause mortality, meaning dying from any cause at all [3]
  • Being able to sit on the floor and stand up from it without the use of hands, which takes a combination of flexibility, coordination and mobility makes people die less [4] 
  • Stretching the calf muscles alone improved endothelial function and ability to walk…which walking ability in turn also reduces all-cause mortality [5,6] 
  • And, while only a mouse study it is worth sharing, that stretching reduced cancerous tumor growth because of lowering inflammation and fibrosis! [7]
  • This may because mechanoreceptors in the cells, even the nucleus and genetic expression are changed via physical forces on the body! [8] 

I’m surprised there isn’t more…but then not really. Stretching being a free thing, there’s no money to be made in showing people how beneficial it is.

My 18+ Years of Experience Distilled Down for You

Hello, My name is Logan Christopher. I’ve been in the “physical culture” game for more than 18 years now, training myself and others. I’ve done everything from strongman training (both oldtime and modern) to gymnastics, kettlebells to grip strength, and everything in between.


Perhaps surprisingly, I haven’t talked about flexibility all that much during that time…until now!


Throughout my experience I’ve always been on the lookout for what works best and fastest. After all, we live in an extremely busy world.


What I’ve found is that amazing fitness can be achieved in far less time than most people realize. You can maximize efficiency and effectiveness with the proper exercise selection and workout programming.

Full Body – Head to Toe
Biggest Bang for Your Buck Stretches

There are thousands of possible stretches!


But I’ve chosen just twelve that cover your whole body from head to toes, that deliver the biggest bang for your buck giving you flexibility everywhere you need it.


What if twelve was all you really needed?


(Just twelve, but with variations which is important for progression. More on that in a bit…)

You Do NOT Need an Hour Long Yoga Class

Yoga can be great. My wife loves it and just got her teacher certification, so I don’t want to knock it too badly. ;)


If you love something, then go for it. It’s worth spending more time than you need. And the deeper aspects of yoga (as opposed to the Westernized versions which are more popular) certainly take more time and dedication.


But what if you want to get what you need out of fitness as quickly as possible and move on?


You can cover flexibility for your entire body, from head to toe, in just 7 minutes. And cover it well with the right structure!

Not Just About Flexibility…
It’s About Strength and Endurance Too

One problem with conventional fitness is how things are reduced down and segregated to components. Conventional wisdom says I need to do my strength training session, followed by cardio, followed be stretching. You can do that.


You also can build strength, cardio and flexibility all at once saving tons of time! It all depends in how you train.


Make no mistake, this program is focused on flexibility first and foremost…and it covers much more.


That gymnastic or hand bridge I started with takes a big combination of strength and flexibility. That’s just one example.

Most Stretching is Done Wrong…

Part of the secret to maximizing efficiency is understanding that:

  1. Static stretching is over-rated
  2. Other forms of flexibility training are under-rated

Scientific evidence has shown, with some controversy, that static stretching before strength and power training impairs performance. [9]


If you think of stretching as trying to make your muscles longer, then you’re missing the boat. That is NOT what it is about.


Flexibility is really about an understanding of tension and relaxation. How these both work in being flexible is not well understood by most. How flexibility is more about strength than most realize, not just relaxation.


While static stretching has its place, isometric stretching and dynamic exercises add other, perhaps even more important, layers to flexibility training.

Stiff as a Board to Gymnastic Elite
Scalability and Progression Built In

7 Minute Flexibility has progression and regression built into all 12 of the stretches used.


We already saw an example with the lunge to front split progression. That's one example and here's another:

Whether you are starting out not able to bend over and touch your toes…

Or can do a press handstand…


…this program is scalable up and down to suit wherever you are at!


Each and every exercise is regressible or progressible from the easiest to the most advanced.

Have a Workout Plan?
Training Program You’re Currently On? Great! You can Easily Add This On and Adapt to Your Needs

7 Minute Flexibility is designed to easily be added on top of just about any training plan. I like to think of this as “Modular Fitness”.


It might be on your off days. Or it can be added before or after your current workout.


All this is discussed inside the programming section of the program. The program is flexible (no pun intended) to best suit your needs!

Don’t Have a Workout Plan?
Discover How 7 Minute Flexibility Can Be a Complete Workout Program Itself!

Not only that, but the flexibility allows this to become a complete training program in and of itself.


This is most suitable for those that are out of shape and just getting back into working out.


There are many ways you can use 7 Minute Flexibility


Use as:

  • Warmup
  • Cool Down
  • Complete Workout Program Itself
  • Off Day Recovery Amplifier
  • Flow Practice
  • Relax Your Body at Night for Better Sleep

Elite Bodyweight Skills are Often as Much About Flexibility as they are Strength

For the more advanced trainee, I wanted to mention this. So much of bodyweight training is about the combination of strength along with flexibility. The gymnastic bridge already mentioned is one such example.


The Pistol Squat, or even more so the Dragon Pistol Squat seen here is another. Most people that workout at all have the strength to pull off this move. But few have the flexibility for it.


The squat series of stretches in 7 Minute Flexibility helps you develop the ankle and hip flexibility needed to pull off this move with ease.

Movement Quantity and Quality

If you want to be healthy…


If you want to be fit…


It is more about both movement quality and movement quantity than exceling at any one aspect of fitness (such as running a marathon or bench pressing a heavy weight).


How well can you move? How many different moves can you do? Expand both of these and you are both healthier and more fit (which are not always the same thing!).

What’s Inside 7 Minute Flexibility?

7 Minute Flexibility is my newest program. It is a complete video course broken down into several modules:

  1. Introduction and Basics
  2. The 12 Stretches with Progressions and Regressions
  3. Isometric Stretching
  4. Dynamic Flexibility Variations
  5. Programming 7 Minute Flexibility

Not only do you see tips and techniques for all the stretches, but you’ll find a variety of example or follow along workouts inside.


No stone is left unturned in showing you EXACTLY how to do 7 Minute Flexibility and get the results it brings.

7 Minute Flexibility

5 Modules of Video Training including demonstration and follow-along videos. Progressions and regressions for 12 stretches. Static, isometric and dynamic methods explained. Programming and much more. 


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked

If you don't feel like this is worth every penny, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.  Just let us know and we'll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. 


All the risk is on us as you can download it right away and take two months to decide if it's worth it to you.

Bonus Module: Unlock Flow in Flexibility

A static stretch is fine but what if you could move into and out of multiple, more complex positions with ease, grace and flow? If we’re talking about movement QUALITY then let’s build all of the following:

  • Coordination
  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Flow
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Control
  • Pain-Free Movement

Flow, as a psychological and neurological state, is something that can ideally be entered through movement.


In this bonus module, you’ll discover how to access flow at will with 7 Minute Flexibility…which further develops your movement quality and quantity.

Bonus Workbook:
7 Minute Flexibility PDF

You’ll want to watch all the videos. And I’ve put together a workbook that you can print out to use at the gym.


It serves as a reminder and quick access for everything you’ve learned inside the program.

7 Minute Flexibility

6 Modules of Video Training including demonstration and follow-along videos and PDF. Progressions and regressions for 12 stretches. Static, isometric and dynamic methods explained. Programming and much more. 


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!




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