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Becoming Fit is NOT Rocket Science...

Slash Your Workouts by 80% and Get in the Best Shape of Your Life in Only One Hour per Week

But Only by Applying The 80/20 Principle...

There’s a dark side to living in the age of information. 


That’s because there is so much information it leads to overwhelm. (Paralysis by analysis, anyone?)


Not to mention the mis-information that leads people down the wrong path.


...Even intentional dis-information put out specifically to confuse and confound you.


Lastly, there are conflicting viewpoints. Sometimes you’ll find two experts saying exactly OPPOSITE things are what is important. Who do you believe? How do you rectify this?

Take just one fitness example...What set and rep scheme is best? One set of twenty scream some. 5x5 shouts another. To failure. Not to failure. And so on it goes... 


My opinion: this is mis-information because the number of sets and reps actually isn’t very important compared to other factors. (I'll get to some of those critical elements shortly…) What this means is that most of the information out there is:

  • Inefficient

  • Worthless...

  • Or Worse... Harmful!

And this is getting worse in 2019. Just check your social media feed. It is hard to separate the signal from the downpour of noise…


What is the 80/20 Principle? For those not familiar, it's also known as Pareto’s Principle. That’s because economist Vilfredo Pareto here discovered a fact of life... 

Enter the 80/20 Principle to Cut Through the Crap

To the best of my knowledge no one has really applied the 80/20 Principle to the realm of strength and fitness, not in an impactful way. Yet, if you want BIG results with less effort (not to mention less confusion) this is critically important.


Pareto found that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. The more he looked, and others after him, the more he found this principle held true in ANY area. 20% owns or controls around 80% of the result. (Sometimes the numbers may be 10% and 90%. Or 95%/5%. The specifics don’t matter so much right now as the fact that the principle always holds true.) Nor is it just true in economics. It is true when it comes to fitness too. 


What that means is that 20% of your time, energy and effort spent is responsible for 80% of the results…


…And what that means is that a program that focuses on the CORRECT 20% can deliver results far better than most other programs with far less time and effort.

The Tale of Two Workouts…Which Would You Rather Do?

Let’s take a look at a stereotypical workout...


A person spends an hour doing resistance training in the gym on machines or lifting free weights. This is then followed by another hour on a treadmill or elliptical. Or maybe running and biking for miles and miles. Followed by another half hour or more stretching the body or doing a yoga class.


Is this something like what you’re doing?


Or what you believe needs to be done to be fit?

After all you have to build strength, get your cardio and flexibility, right? Sadly, even if you do all this, results from one year to the next aren’t all that different for many people engaged in such a program. Their fitness level stays the same… 


…Like a hamster spinning in a wheel.


That means it’s a WHOLE LOT of time and energy spent…without an equal payoff.

That is doing 80% of the work that delivers only 20% of the results! And this is what MOST workout programs involve...the exact OPPOSITE of what we want!


Contrast this idea to what you’ll find inside of The 80/20 Strength Challenge. In just one hour a week you will be improving your:

  • Strength

  • Endurance

  • Flexibility

  • Mobility

  • Speed

  • Health

  • Muscle Mass

  • Fat Loss

  • Hormones

"Your program works. Period."

I completed the five weeks cycle and this is what I can say. 

      - First. I am very, very happy and satisfied. Really happy.  Your program works. Period. 

      - From the point of view of aesthetics I have not noticed any change (80.2 Kg. at the end vs 80.1 Kg. at the beginning). But that is not the most important for me.

      - On the other side, from the point of view of strength I am more than satisfied.  In the two last sessions where you must "max out" I got: 

               » A PB (Personal Best) on Decline Pushup (23).

               » Same PB on Pike PushUp (13).

               » I have tried for first time Handstand Shrug.

               » I have tried for first time Partial Handstand Pushup.

               » I have tried for first time Full Hanging Knee Raise.

               » I have tried for first time Full Hanging Leg Raise (Loose).

               » A PB on Leg Raise to 90 Degrees (14).

               » A PB on Leg Raise to 135 Degrees (9).

               And something that seemed very far: I tried and I got the _first half_ of "Skin the Cat". Amazing!

And I say again and I emphasize. Obviously, there was no "miraculous transformation" of those seen on the Internet, but for me the improvement has been very, very, very significant.  Thank you.


- Amador Ribera



How is this even possible? Once again, it’s because of an understanding of the 80/20 Principle when it comes to fitness…that few people see.


Like how Strength really is the Master Attribute that needs to be focused on...and something all the Cardio Bunnies never seem to grasp. (That’s Effectiveness!)


And, with Proper Exercise Selection and Workout Format, you can build not only strength, but mobility, flexibility and endurance all at the same time. (That’s Efficiency!)


Or how a proper understanding of Progression which, sadly, so few people ‘grok’, will get you from where you are at to where you want to be so much faster. (That’s Improvement!)


Or that some training can actually have deleterious effects…in other words, you’re spending time, energy and sweat into something that me be HURTING you. The hormonal signaling that one workout delivers and another detracts from is just one such example. This needs to be avoided. (That’s Impact!)


"I’m doing the 80/20 program and it’s great. I’m not trying too but I seem to be losing a little weight."

- Fred B.


Meet Logan Christopher

Creator of The 80/20 Strength Challenge

I’ve been a fitness professional for a long time now. This started more than a decade ago as a Person Trainer. Down the road, that morphed into writing books, creating video programs, online coaching, teaching workshops all aimed at helping people become stronger, more fit, better skilled and healthier.


In these many years I’ve developed a wide range of experience. I’ve done all sorts of bodyweight training including hand balancing, gymnastics, high intensity exercises, endurance training and more. I’ve been involved in kettlebells since before they were popular. I’ve been one of the biggest promoters of the ideas of the oldtime strongmen like the Mighty Atom, Arthur Saxon, Alexander Zass and more. I've competed and won in modern strongman contests. I am almost certainly the top guy when it comes to mental training as it applies to strength training.


In doing all this, I’ve personally transformed myself from the proverbial 98 pound weakling into a well-recognized strongman. Some of my well known feats of strength include supporting half a ton (over 1000 lbs.) on top of my body in a wrestler’s bridge, snatching a 106 lb. kettlebell 91 times in 10 minutes, eighthing a deck of cards (that is tearing it in half three times over), pulling a 8,800 lb. fire my hair and far more.


I don’t say all this to brag. I say it so you understand that I have gone through just about EVERYTHING in strength and fitness there is to know, which brings me to my next point…

72 Year Old Woman Makes Significant Gains in Just 5 Weeks!

"Delighted with results from the first round of the 80-20 program. Max out figures at my hardest levels were way ahead of starting figures - in fact, I couldn't even do some of those exercises 5 weeks ago.  The 4x15min weekly time commitment is a very good investment! After-exercise soreness was, pleasingly, not an issue, and my body feels better and is demonstrably stronger.  The videos effectively complemented the text, and I particularly appreciated the full workout ones. I've never used a log, so was fascinated by how it enhanced the program. I found the program structure surprisingly powerful, and as a 72 year old, this should be a great way to roll back the osteo-porosis and allow my body to do what I'd like it to do."

- Laurie Drake 

This quote pertains to the 80/20 Principle. The simplicity on the other side of complexity is all about the high leverage methodology that deliver real results.


Bruce Lee echoed this when he said:

My fifteen or so years of training has taken me from simplicity, through many, many years of complexity, to deliver this program to you.


The 80/20 Strength Challenge is all about the simplicity on the other side of complexity. It is the distilled essence, the elegant simplicity, of all my experience.

Who this Program is For? Perfect for Athletes, Busy Business People, Parents and more

Do martial arts? Play a sport? Then you need a program that keeps you getting stronger and more, without taking too much time or recovery from your sport.


Are you a business man or woman who's putting in 50, 60, 70+ hour work weeks? Then you really need something that delivers results in a QUICK time frame…and also doesn’t add a bunch more stress on you.


Are you a new parent (like me)? Ditto the above. You really need something that delivers results in a QUICK time frame…and also doesn’t add a bunch more stress on you.


This program is for the trainee that wants a fitness program that actually works. Because of how progression is built in this will work for a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced trainee. From no experience to years of experience.

Who this Program is  Not For?

This program is completely opposite of most else I offer...


Most of my programs are not for the mainstream. Far from it. The average person doesn’t want to learn how to do handstands, juggle kettlebells or bend horseshoes. I get that. But maybe you do. If that’s you, I have plenty else to offer you that will satisfy your desires. You can go deep on any of these subjects and more with me. I will give you ALL the complex details. If that’s the case then The 80/20 Strength Challenge may not be right for you.


If you love coming up with your own training program directed towards your specific goals, this may not be the right choice.


If you are happy with your current program, whatever it is, and the results you’re getting, this is not for you.


If you can rep out full range handstand pushups, full hanging leg lifts, front squats with hundreds of pounds and pullups with lots of weight attached ALREADY then you don't need this program.


If you are not willing to put in some work, even if it is just an hour a week and you don’t have to give every ounce of effort like others say, this is not a good choice.

Can You Do These Four Exercises?

  • Kneeling Pushups

  • 45° Hanging Knee Raise

  • Half Bodyweight Squat

  • Leaning Body Row

If so...Congratulations! You are Strong Enough to get started with The 80/20 Strength Challenge. 

I even added 20 lbs. to my deadlift without training it!

I'm really impressed with the 80/20 strength challenge program Logan has put together. In the first 3 weeks I noticed significant improvements in my strength and endurance but more importantly, I noticed that my mental focus and mood seemed to be more consistently in a peak state. I have read a lot of Legendary Strength material and what I really like about The 80/20 Strength Challenge is that it is simple right out of the box. You can go very in depth with Logan's other programs but it was really nice to have a simple, extremely effective system for when you want to expedite your fitness results. I highly recommend this system for anyone who wants to jumpstart their workout routine or break through plateaus in training. 

- Brandon Amalani,   Founder of Shen Blossom



One of the aspects of the 80/20 Principle is that bodyweight training is a great choice as it eliminates many excuses. So this program features a lot of that, but not quite exclusively. (Because there is one drawback to bodyweight training that many don’t quite realize, which is further explained in the program.)


To properly follow the 80/20 Strength and Fitness program you’ll need the following:


#1 - A floor


#2 - A wall


#3 - A bar to hang from for hanging leg raises and chin-ups (don’t worry if chin-ups or leg raises are too hard, there are easier versions any one can do). A doorway bar, or even a tree branch can work just fine. As will a TRX, other suspension system, or gymnastic rings.


#4 - Weights for squats. Bodyweight squats can and will be done, but weights will be used for progression. One or two kettlebells can be ideal for this. A barbell with weights, or dumbbells also work great. Weight vest too. Even just a weight plate to hold onto works.


#5 - A timer


There are a couple other items that can be useful as specific progressive steps but none of these are absolutely necessary besides what is listed above. 


This is a bare basics program that only takes one hour per week. You have two choices available to you depending on your schedule:

  • 2 x 30 minute sessions

  • ...or...

  • 4 x 15 minute sessions

That is all it takes. That covers working and resting time.


Prep time of going through the program to see where exactly to start, watch the videos and read the guide should take maybe two hours in addition to this training time.

PR's in ALL Exercises - Chins, Front Squats, Handstand Pushups and Hanging Leg Raises

Just wanted to thank you for creating the 80/20 program, it was a fun change of pace. I added deliberate practice of the powerlifts to all but the first week and inserted a week of standard powerlifting training after week 3. But I stayed with front squat in the program itself.  Here's were I ended up: 


* Max chins went from 11 before the program to 13 today.

* I don't really train the front squat, but I started at 85x12 for the first workout. Today I maxed at 175x1 with a bit left in the tank, at a bodyweight of 170. I used a belt today so it's not an exact comparison, but I still think I made some good progress.

* Handstand shrugs for 6 on the previous workout then 3 handstand pushups to the top of my head with my hands pretty narrow today. I had only done hanstand shrugs before today.

* 90 degree hanging knee raises for 11 at the start of the program to 90 degree hanging leg raises for 4 today. I had only done full range knee raises before today.


I'll probably go back to this program every six months or so. It will be fun to see how far I can get in the progressions you have listed. 


Thanks Again,

Craig Rogers

Everything is Done for You Except the Work and Recording the Results. Let Me Guide You By the Hand...

Of course, you have to put in the work. If I could find a way to actually do that for other people in the realm of fitness, I’d be a billionaire! Alas, that can’t happen. However, with The 80/20 Strength Challenge I’ve done as much of the work as I can for you.


I’ll guide you to find the right progression steps of each exercise that you’ll be working with. I’ll give you everything you need to know about form so you can do these moves safely and effectively.


I’ll show you exactly what these workout sessions look like. (I personally learn best by doing…and find that seeing it done, not just the theory of it, helps me to understand much better.)

I’ll tell you exactly when you are ready to progress to more weight or the next harder variation.


I’ll even show you exactly how much effort you should be putting in…and this is likely less than you think. That’s one of the other great things about this program. You’ll discover how to get results without having “to give 110%.” In fact, it works better if you don't!


I’ve created a workout log for you to fill in your reps and sets. This can be done online or can be printed out and used with pen and paper.


You set the timer going, do the exercises, write down what you’ve done. Your body and it’s amazing recovering and improving abilities will take care of the rest.

What You’re Getting in The 80/20 Strength Challenge

After you signup you’ll be taken to the download page. There you will find the 80/20 Strength Challenge eBook viewable online or downloadable as a PDF, which is your complete guide.

This is 67 pages long without any fluff. It’ll guide you through everything you need to know about the exercises, workout format and programming. Lots of pictures show you the exercises too.

Just Five Weeks to Results...

The 80/20 Strength Challenge is setup as a five week training cycle. That's all you gotta do...and then repeat it again and again to continue to progress. The program adapts with your strength so that beginner, intermediate or advanced, you'll continue to move forward.

Yes, I Want to Get Started with The 80/20 Strength Challenge Today!

Only $69.95

"Finished my 5 weeks of the 80/20. Went well & the short workouts work well with my long work days. I have limited equipment when I'm away with work, this is another reason I like the program. Worked up to 175 lbs for the BB front squats when at home at the end of the cycle. Long way from my previous max but not bad considering I haven't done them in at least 5 years. Still kept progressing right to the end. I was a little disappointed with just two reps in the full HSPU but had some muscles cramping in left trap area from a massage earlier in the week. Still a PR so can't complain. Thanks again Logan & staff. Usually at the end of a cycle I'm feeling like I need a break. Not so this time, was still feeling strong & like I could keep going with the cycle.  Thanks for the program."

- Keith Hartley

Your decision is now.

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