Who Else Wants the Power
to Lift 370lbs. Overhead
with One Hand?​

Discover the Training Secrets of The Iron Master
Arthur Saxon, whose Records still stand to this Day!

Dear Friend,

Arthur Saxon is one of the most famous of all the oldtime strongman. That's because his most amazing feat simply boggles the mind.

He lifted 370 lbs. (and was reputed to have been close to locking out 400 lbs) overhead with one arm in what is know as the bent press.

Yes, this is a weight that over 99% of the population can't lift off the ground with both hands, yet The Iron Master could put it overhead with a single arm. Which group would you rather be in?

Some people claim its just a balance trick. Yet that same strength allowed him to literally toss 200 lb. barbells over head from hand to hand. That weight was just a toy to him.

How about a 250lb military press done in the strictest form without the slightest back bend?

Yes, Arthur Saxon's strength was not only legendary in his time, but it is still today. Where other strongmen have been forgotten over time, Arthur's name and reputation lives on.

This is Old School Strength

Today’s fitness regimes are laughable. Do you want to stand with one leg on a bosu ball while you press 2 lb. pink dumbbells overhead?

Sit down in a machine that is built do work one small muscle groups, while it does most of the work for you?

Or maybe do “corrective exercises” all day so that you never can actually lift a real weight?

No! You can I can both agree that most of what passes as strength and fitness training today is not worthy. While there are some genuine advancements in exercise science from time to time, it is best to go back to a time when people weren’t crowded with information. When they took the basics and used them to become ridiculously strong.


Do you think modeling someone who could lift 370 lbs. overhead with one hand would be a worth person to model for strength? I do.

And while you may never break any of Saxon’s records you can still become RIDICULOUSLY STRONG

You’re one of the lucky one’s because you’re about to experience the power of the Arthur Saxon Power Pack.

No fancy talk, just hardcore training information that you can take to pack muscles on your bones (hell, you can even make your bones stronger!). You’ll discover the mental tactics, training methods, and exercises to become as strong as you want to become.

Here’s just some of what’s in this course.

  • Discover the Secrets of the Only Man in History to ever raise 370 lbs. overhead with one arm!
  • The MAIN Guiding Principle of all the work Arthur Saxon did. He never comes right out and says it but when you grasp it you can build Saxon Strength. The question to ask yourself is How Strong Do You Want To Be?
  • Light Weights are for Pansies! You're not a pansy are you?
  • The Lost Secrets of One Arm Lifting like the Snatch, Clean, Jerk and more.
  • Learn the Bent Press from the Best in the World.
  • How to Avoid the Bugbear of Training
  • Details on Arthur’s Legendary Drinking Ability (Was this the key to his strength? You may be surprised to learn he recommended one type of Beer for its strength building purposes.)
  • Discover how a Towel can be just what you need to finally Bent Press properly...
  • If Arthur were Alive Today...What would he do differently? Find out the one training tool he absolutely would love and may have led to him being even stronger!
  • Arthur and his Brothers Eating was almost as Legendary as their Strength.
  • Forgotten Lifts (Some should be forgotten, other's Definitely Not!) Add these to your training for strength you can't achieve any other way.
  • What Light Exercises are Worth Doing…And What Are Not.
  • Build Tremendous Coordination with Barbells and Dumbbells with these Special Exercises. You have to work outside the box of what is normal, or you'll just be as uncoordinated as most gym rats.
  • Exhibition and Trick Lifting. How to spend a little time on "trick" exercises to be able to WOW! any crowd.
  • The Difference Between Lifting Weights for Health & Exercise purposes versus Lifting Weights to become Ridiculously Strong and what you need to do to change your results.
  • The Basics of Barbell and Kettlebell Juggling for even more Fun in your Training as well as Strength and Agility
  • The Famous Grip Strength Challenge that Defeated Saxon…and What you can do to make sure you don’t share this Weakness.
  • Never before seen Power Rack Partial Movements that will lead to Even Greater Strength
  • Two Methods of Shouldering a Barbell to setup the Bent Press. (A Great Exercise By Itself)
  • 5 Variations of this Forgotten Exercise for Building Cannonball Delts (and which one is the BEST)
  • The Setup Secret that will add 10-20% to your One Hand Dumbbell Swing
  • ________ & __________ are of utmost importance to do right after training…yet no one does these anymore today.

Arthur Saxon wrote two books, The Development of Physical Power & Text Book of Weight Lifting

In the Arthur Saxon Power Pack These Books Are Brought Back To Life With MORE Hard Hitting Information Than Ever Before!

Not only are you going to get the complete texts as written by Arthur Saxon over 100 years ago, but you’ll also be getting a lot more.

Plus you'll receive Two Rare Bonus Special Reports

The Saxon Trio - What They Ate and How They Trained

This report shows you that their eating was almost as legendary as their strength. You'll gain new insights plus even more training information of what Arthur and his brothers, Hermann and Kurt, did day to day.

My Friendship with Arthur Saxon by Thomas Inch

This report is from another famous strongman, Thomas Inch, known for his unliftable dumbbell. You'll learn more about specific exercises, read about Arthur's legendary drinking ability

Saturate Your Mind with the Principles of Strength and the Technical Know-How to Lift Super Heavy Weights with Ease.

Not only do you get the ebooks but I have recorded the entire two books onto audio MP3's. This way you can listen as you drive, work or anywhere else and take Saxon’s teachings with you wherever you go.

And then not one, but three more-than-an-hour-long videos that cover all the exercises and much more in graphic details. There were no camera’s in Arthur’s time, but there sure are today.

I’ve taken every exercise laid out in his two books, added more tips and exercises, and have showed you exactly how to do the lifts. You won’t find this information anywhere else because I asked myself the magic question...


“What would Arthur Saxon do differently if he were alive today?”


...And I came up with a number of answers all of which are shown clearly in this video set.

Now if you’re expecting high-tech graphics you will not find that here. Instead I show you these exercises just how I train them, in my garage gym and a few of them outside. If you want fancy graphics rent something off of Netflix. But if you want lost secrets of hardcore strength building information that will help you achieve your goals then this is for you.

Nothing Fancy Or Expensive Required!

In fact, this information is best applied in your home gym. All you need is a barbell with a set of plates, a pair of dumbbells, and a few kettlebells and you are ready to go.

In fact, Arthur gives his ideas on the best place to train and it may not be what you think.

The Missing Key in My Training?

When I began to really study Saxon’s material I realized I was missing a huge component in my training.

Now that I’ve added that in, I feel stronger and more powerful than ever before.

Lifts that I struggled with before are increasing at an ever faster pace. I feel more well-rounded and capable of competing in any physical field.


Not to Mention the Mental Training of a Strongman


You CANNOT become strong if you don’t have your mindset right. This is true yet so few people pay more than passing attention to it. But Arthur Saxon knew the difference and soon you will too. Not only will you receive the basic instructions of how to treat the weight properly but much more.

In fact, for the first time I reveal a powerful mental training tactic I call “Summoning Saxon” that can with practice as at least 5-10% to a lift. But you must be careful when using this!

Don’t Forget About Saxon’s Amazing Feats Of Strength at a Weight of 200lbs:

Can you lift even close to these weights? Then you need to start training like Saxon today!


So here’s everything you’ll be getting when you pick up the Arthur Saxon Power Pack right now

  1. The Development of Physical Power ($29.95 Value)
  2. Text Book of Weight Lifting ($29.95 Value)
  3. 2 Special Reports on Arthur Saxon ($19.95 Value)
  4. The Development of Physical Power Audio File ($49 Value)
  5. Text Book of Weight Lifting Audio File ($49 Value)
  6. Arthur Saxon Power Pack 3 Video Set ($297 Value)

total value of $474.85. But you won’t have to pay that much. For a limited time you can get this whole package for a fraction of the price.

I’ve made this available as a digital package to save you money on shipping and printing costs. You get these delivered to you immediately. Right after you purchase you’ll be able to immediately download everything to your computer from the secret download page. And the digital version can be picked up today for just $97.

Arthur Saxon Power Pack - A $474.85 Value - Today Only $97

"Recently, I bought your old strength course of the Saxon´s brothers. It´s a great course and I´m very grateful that you have recording the videos of the lifts they did. Since I have no one to ask how to do the old school lifts your videos are the only source I have."

- Per Hedberg, Sweden

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