Introducing the Intuitive Mobility Method... 


Discover Your Unique "Secret" Body Code that Allows You to Move Better, Pain Free, Well Into Old Age

Dear Friend,


You wake up slowly with joints aching. As you start your day you’re moving at a snail's pace because that’s all you can do…and to try to avoid making things worse.


As you go about your day things get slightly better. At least you’re able to go about things without thinking about how you move MOST of the day.


But there are things you don’t do anymore. Playing around with kids and moving like them. Just can’t do it.


When you workout, you stick to a certain limited group of moves because that’s what you can do. Unfortunately, whole categories of movement have been relegated to the “I use to be able to do that” junk heap.


Even with what you can do, you’re careful and hesitant that you don’t push too hard and make things worse. Training seems to increase your aches and pains…but you feel you have to do this in order to keep “fit” and keep your weight down.


At the end of the day you collapse into your favorite chair and feel relief…for the moment. But you feel incomplete at best. You feel like if it weren't for the pain, for the restrictions, you could do so much more…BE more, but alas, you don’t know the way out.


Unfortunately, the next day is the same.


Is this you?


Or do you fear that one day it will be because it is inevitable march of time?


That degenerative joint disease is waiting for us all?


Let me tell you about a different possibility…

  • Would you like to move with grace and flow?

  • Would you like every joint in your body to possess a full range of motion? 

  • Would you love for your entire body to be 100% pain free? 

  • Would you love to do more today then when you were younger?

  • Would you like for your body to clue you in to avoiding those things that end up hurting you?

  • Would you love to have all of this even up to 70, 90, 100 years of age?

    I’m telling you it is possible.


    Even if none of those things are true right now, it doesn’t have to remain that way.

    The Trick is NOT to do Some Magical Series of Movements that I have taken Down from the Mountaintop or been Bestowed by God...

    Nor is it to do the standard joint mobility practice of reps that equal your age.


    And it certainly isn’t about hard work.


    Instead, it is about understanding your unique body code….


    Like your fingerprint, your body is unique. You’re the only one that has it. While we humans all have much in common, there is only one YOU.


    Understand, your “body as temple” has a secret code or language that will help it to move better and pain free. There is a key that unlocks the door to quality, pain free movement at any age.


    Here’s the thing. I cannot give you the code…but I can teach you how to find it.


    You see, your body is both the key and the lock. You simply need to learn how interpret the body to get them to fit together.


    The process for doing so is what I call Intuitive Mobility. Before getting into more details about that, let me tell you my story of movement and mobility and how I arrived here...

    Starting the Daily Mobility Practice

    As I began to get into strength training, I began to get into movement. Various trainers that I was learning from, like Pavel Tsatsouline, Steve Maxwell and Matt Furey, talked about the practice of some basics movements on a daily basis that would support health and fitness.


    Sign me up!


    I started following these programs. I added new movements here and there. Pretty soon I was spending 20 minutes a day just moving my joints around in different ways.


    (Don’t let the 20 minutes a day scare you off. If you follow where I’m going with this, you’ll see that I now spend roughly 20 minutes a WEEK in dedicated mobility. That is all. More than that may just be overkill, but I’m getting ahead of myself…)

    Voodoo Magic... or How an Ankle Tilt led to Stronger Pressing

    “You’re having problems locking out overhead,” Chuck said. “Here do this movement with your other side ankle,” as he showed the other guy what to do. After just a couple reps, Chuck said to go ahead and press again.


    The weight flew up faster and got to complete lockout with ease.


    That was the first time I saw an acquaintance use some of the neurological based mobility to instantly improve someone’s strength. Whoa! At that time, I called it, only half-jokingly, “voodoo magic.”


    Later on, I would come to understand how the body works together, joint by joint, and how mobility is tied into neurology. These are important things to realize if you want to move well, be strong, and get out of pain.


    I spent more and more time practicing mobility in this new way…

    The Daily Mobility Practice Falls Away…

    or Why It May Not Be Best How it is Regularly Done

    A year or two later I discovered the idea of “testing” movements. This is something I learned from Frankie Faires and Adam Glass. Although we mostly talked about using it for strength training exercises, the fact was that EVERY movement could be tested.


    Doing mobility on every joint in a systematic way may NOT be best. You just might be better off doing a few joints in different ways and skipping certain joints all together. This could very well change from day to day.


    But testing each movement as they showed how would be inefficient at best, simply by the time it took to test things out.


    While I used to engage in a daily mobility practice, discovering this truth, I largely let that fall away.


    It seemed many others did too.


    Joint mobility was popular in the fitness scene…and then it wasn’t.


    So many of those neurological mobility-based trainers ending up not continuing with the practice for some reason. It may be that the benefits just stopped coming after doing it for a while.


    Still it seemed there was something missing here.


    It felt like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The answer would start to form in my mind a couple years later…

    The Beginnings of Mobility with Your Body As Guide...not Your Mind

    It was at the Super Human Training Workshop #3 where it started to come together. My partner in the venture, Bud Jeffries, led the whole group through a session he called Myofascial Mobility.


    Besides his tremendous strength and endurance, Bud had training in massage. A technique from that area was called myofascial unwinding. And here, for the first time, he showed how this could be applied to mobility practice.


    One light bulb went off!


    A short time later, Eric Guttman, presented a segment on mobility as well. He talked about a concept I later came to call the “Neural Zing” that was a bridge between doing movements and understanding how it impacted your nervous system for the better.


    Another light bulb!

    Putting It All Together…Intuitive Mobility was Born

    Fast forward another six years up ‘til now. I’ve been playing around with all these ideas since that time. I’ve used them myself and with friends and clients.


    I came to term this an Intuitive Mobility because you learn how to use your intuition as your guide in moving.


    The thing is, you can’t just get started easily.


    If I told you to be “intuitive” with your movement right now…what would you do?


    Besides stare at me with a blank look.


    There is a process, a progression that must be gone through, so that you can properly have real intuition come through…as opposed to hallucinating.


    Intuition has been called the build-up of lots of experience into your unconscious so that it can emerge when needed.


    And here’s one way to think about the unconscious that most don’t realize…it IS your body.


    It took me over a decade since I first heard the word mobility to arrive at this place. But you don’t need to take nearly as long.

    Go through the Intuitive Mobility Modules and
    You’re Guaranteed to Get There in 10 Weeks!

    I’ve put together this video course to walk you through everything you need to know. 


    There’s my over decade of experience in separating the wheat from the chaff, and structuring it in a way that anyone can "get it" and become an intuitive mover, which just a bit of practice.

    Discover the basics of mobility and everything you need to know to get started. Over ten videos all of this and more is covered.

        The meat of the course is here where you'll find tons of mobility exercises for every joint in the body. There's the common one's as well as new mobility exercises I came up with that I've never seen covered anywhere else.

          The thing with mobility, as with all movement, is to make it progression. This often is neglected in this area. This module discusses how to progress with mobility, laying out a ten week plan to do so. Also includes follow along mobility routines to assist in doing this. 


                This advanced module introduces the idea of positional mobility. By changing your position, from the neutral standing position, it change how mobile you are and can be. Different positions have different benefits like loading the body in a variety of ways. This material is not covered in other mobility course from what I've seen, yet is crucial for moving onto the next step, as well as expanding your abilities.


                With our foundation built over the prior four modules, we finally have the skillset and abilities needed to dive into intuitive mobility. This module lays out everything you need to know to start doing real intuitive movement and getting the benefits from doing so.


                  This bonus modules covers an important topic...and one of the places where intuitive mobility helps serve you best by rehabbing acute and chronic pain and injuries. You'll find out how to approach these and see several examples of what intuitive mobility for these purposes looks like. 


                  As you can see there is a lot here. A total of 54 videos!


                  But most of these videos are only five to ten minutes in length, with some shorter and some longer.

                  Progression is the Name of the Game


                  Remember, I’ve done my best to only include what you need to know in order to deliver the key to unlocking your body’s pain-free graceful mobility…while at the same time showing the true unlimited possibilities of movement!


                  Take your time as you go through this.


                  In fact, in the second video of Module 3 I outline a 10-week plan that will deliver you into the Intuitive Mobility zone.


                  Follow that plan, spend the time, and I guarantee results.


                  Everyone knows (or at least I hope so) that in strength training PROGRESSION is the name of the game. Without that, you have nothing.


                  Well, when it comes to mobility the same is true.


                  Remember how I said I can’t give you the code? That may be true, but through this progression you’ll discover the code for yourself. 

                  A Priceless Skillset...


                  Remember, it took years of my life, years of trial and error, countless thousands of dollars in coaching, workshops, books and videos to develop this system.


                  Just shooting and editing the videos took many, many hours of work.


                  Here’s the great news. Once you have the "body code", you’ll have it for life!


                  And I’m going to give it to you all for one low price.


                  But today, you can get it for less.

                  Intuitive Mobility
                  (6 Module Downloadable Video Course)
                  ONLY $149

                  My goal is not to lock you into something you don't want, but instead to help those that this will serve best. But I assure you, you won't find this life-changing information combine together in this way anywhere else.

                  In strength,

                  Logan Christopher

                  P.S. Look, you won't find this kind of detailed instruction on how to actually LISTEN TO YOUR BODY anywhere else. Follow the ten-week plan and you'll have an internalized skillset that can serve you for the rest of your life to keep you fit, pain-free, and ever increasing in your ability to move.


                  60 Days - No Questions Asked

                  If you don't feel like this is worth every penny, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.  Just let us know and we'll give you your money back.  This is 100% risk-free.  All the risk is on us as you can download it right away and take two months to decide if it's worth it to you.

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