The Mystery of The Iron Samson

Lost Russian Book Translated Into English for the First Time,
Reveals the Secrets of Alexander Zass' Strength

Dear Friend,

My name is Logan Christopher and I love oldtime strongmen. Alexander Zass is one of my favorites and after you get through this book you'll see why...

This legendary book chronicles the life of Zass also known as the Iron Samson, or the Amazing Samson.

Yes that is Zass carrying a horse on his shoulders...through water!

It was written by two Russians and now for the first time has been translated into English.

Zass was well known for being one of the first to widely use isometrics in his training. Here you'll discover exactly what he did and more.

How Would You Like to Develop the Strength that Literally Allowed Zass to
Break Chains and Bend Bars To Escape from Prison?

The fact is Alexander of Zass was a prisoner of war during the first World War not once but a total of four times. And he escaped every time!

Several of his escapes required the use of his strength he had developed over his career as a strongman.

And he went on to discover that the exercises he developed while in prison, helped him become even stronger. These were further developed into his system of strength.

Run Away and Join the Circus...

That’s what Alexander Zass did. You’ll get to read all about his exploits as a:

Legendary Strongman
Professional Wrestler
Trainer of Animals

Zass Catching a Man Shot Out of a Cannon

Reading stories about his feats and exploits you get the feeling that the iron bending he did far outsurpassed many of his contemporaries. Add to the fact that he literally used to skills to break free from prison and you can understand why he became the stuff of legends.

Like when in a challenge his opponent almost killed him by wrapping iron around his neck!

This book is not just biographical…

The Only Book That Shows You How Zass Trained

You’ll see how he trained as a child and adult. Included are two chapters detailing specific exercises used by the Iron Samson.

The first is all about Isometric Exercises done with chains.

But Zass didn’t believe this was all you needed to become strong. You need both static and dynamic strength.
That’s why the second section is all about Dynamic Exercises done with a special tool you can easily make yourself.

There’s plenty of photos (never-before-seen) like the one below, as well as images to show you the exercises

Alexander Zass Supports a Iron Girder by his Teeth

"I have always been fascinated by Zass and there isn't much info on him. I also love books on isometrics.... always looking for "secrets."  :) Since getting if I've been adding more isos to my regular routine."  - Lloyd Nell

It's got 109 jam-packed pages.

As with all my products this book comes with a 3 Month Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like it for whatever reason just send it back and I'll refund every penny.

If you’re a fan of oldtime strongmen this book is a must for your collection. Grab it today!

In strength,

Logan Christopher

P.S. See what others are saying about The Mystery of the Iron Samson below...

I have always been fascinated by A. Zass and there isn't much info on him. I also love books on isometrics.... always looking for "secrets." :)
Lloyd Nell

It's a solid book; enhances the isometrics training I've learned from others.
Hal Lupinek

I love this book because I've always wanted to learn about the past feats of strength where we humans can do unbelievable things. Thats why I bought this book to understand isometrics exercise since I learnt that its the tendons and ligaments that make one strong plus im a really big fan or static holds. Ive no regrets buying the book as I combined and make my own isometric routine, and within a week or 2 believe it a not I can see changes where for example my muscle ups are more cleaner as I can feel more control and strength on my wrist and front lever at 5sec (big acomplishment for me ) xD . Thats all i have to say for the book as it has really helped me alot in terms of knowledge or exercise.
Jabir Jamil

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