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  • 100% Proven Crimes and Conspiracies by Medical Giants

    They hide it well, but you'll see PROOF from criminal and civil cases of fraud, racketeering and more. References included. It's all about the money so let's follow the money...

  • The Tobacco Playbook, Revolving Doors and Captured Agencies

    Discover how science is co-opted, how academic institutions are bought, how public relations are used and how government officials become "owned"... 

  • The Worldview is Shaped Purposefully

    Muddy the scientific waters, get diagnoses accepted publicly, get normal people bought in to propagate it further. Find out how the Racket running keeps the Racket running even by well-meaning but misled people... 

  • Scientific Shenanigans

    Discover how science is falsified, conflicts of interest are hidden, the regulators are in on the game in a wide variety of different ways. 

  • How to Opt Out and Gain Greater Health without the System

    If you're going to not use this broken system what do you do instead? Find out how to take back your self-responsibility, the many options available and more...

Running at 74 bite sized chapters (about two-three pages each) will show you undeniable proof that there's BIG problems in our medical system, ones they don't want you to know about. Everything is extensively referenced, often to source documentation, so you can verify the details for yourself. Get informed so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Bonus: The Systemic Corruption of Modern Medicine VIDEO Presentation


This special webinar was given to show the big picture, while being grounded in the important details, of how Big Pharma operates as a Criminal Cartel.


This 1.5 hour video presentation will give you the most complete picture of how it all has worked over the years.


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