Are You Sick and Tired of Not Getting Anywhere in Your Training? Imagine, No More Injury, No More Plateaus, No More Being Stuck with Your Workouts Ever Again…  Now, More Strength, Greater Flexibility, Better Conditioning Come to You, No Matter Your Age or Experience 


“Remarkable New System Reveals Hidden Peak Performance Secrets That Allow You To Accelerate Your Results with LESS Hard Work, No Matter Your

Age or Experience”

Finally, Stop Getting Stuck and Start Excelling in the Gym…

Dear Friend,


If you are frustrated with your current fitness, and truly want to maximize the results you get, whether that’s building more muscle, shedding fat, or just gaining more strength, then this may be the most important message you will ever read. Here’s why: 


My name is Logan Christopher, and up until recently, I was a complete weakling. There were times when I couldn’t do a single chin-up, even a single pushup, in regular form. I was the proverbial 98 lb. scrawny, weakling entering high school. That is true. As a freshman, I weighed less than 100 lbs.  


I was unathletic, playing football during high school but was never any good. Because we had a small team, some of the JV players got moved up. To my dismay one of these JV guys, a natural athlete, started over me. 


Here’s what was even more frustrating: even when I started regularly working out I would see people that did not, able to do moves that I couldn’t do, just the first time they tried, like the handstand pushup. For me it took after months of training to do one, when they could “naturally” crank them out. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. 


Has that ever happened to you? It sucks, doesn’t it?  It was so bad, many times I thought about giving up. It would have been easy to blame my genetics...


But I kept going. Eventually, something unusual happened. I stumbled on secrets that allowed me to transform my strength, my body and my life. These secrets have allowed me to perform amazing feats of strength that few in the world can do. And, I’m convinced any one can duplicate my success for themselves, no matter your age or how unfit you may be now. 


Skeptical? I don’t blame you…if you had told me a few years ago I’d be able to bend horseshoes, rip decks of cards in half, win strongman and kettlebell competitions, or lift a thousand pounds, I’d have called you a big, fat liar, right to your face.

How I “Accidently” Raise Myself from Failure to Fitness Success 

Being an unathletic kid, I spent more time reading books and playing computer games. The one big thing I’ve always had going for me is brainpower and the obsessive will to learn new things.


I routinely blow wads of cash on books, videos, courses and high-priced events to the tune of thousands of dollars a year. I’m what you might call a “seminar junkie.” 


Anyways, I was at a seminar a while back, watching a 10th degree black belt at 70 years of age move faster than I could see, hitting people many times in less than a second. I had to know how that was possible. 


I had to know this guy’s secret…how could someone become this good? 

The Amazing “Peak Performance” Secrets of a Grandmaster

Luckily, I was able to sit down with him over lunch. As we sat down to eat, I asked him, point blank: “Look, you’re not exactly the youngest guy in martials arts. Yet, you move faster and better than anyone else I’ve ever seen…what’s your secret? What do you do? And will it work for me?”


He laughed when I said that. Then he told me something I’ll never forget as long as I live: “Logan,” he said, “I’ve been in martial arts for a long, long time, and I’ve been involved in amazing research into peak performance skills. I used to be a complete loser when it came to martial arts, until I learned to apply my mind to it properly. And ever since then, the results have been phenomenal, as you just saw.” 


The truth of the matter is that anyone can become faster, stronger, and more skilled than most people think is possible…it’s neurologically available to us all. But, in our modern viewpoint, we’ve gotten wrapped up in useless things and are taught the opposite of what works.” 


“All you have to do is learn how to use the most powerful tool you have…your mind, effectively and efficiently and then stand back and watch the progress happen. Age doesn’t matter. Where you’re starting from doesn’t matter. This works with newbies and the elite.” 

Most People Do NOT Get Phenomenally Fit Simply Because They Were Never Taught What Really Matters

And then he told me step-by-step exactly how he used peak performance tactics to push his martial arts skills to unheard of levels, and how I could do the same for gaining strength. As he talked, I realized he had truly, “cracked the code” and that gaining strength, endurance and skill was nothing more than a mental process, first and foremost, backed by the physical trainingIt works for everyone because everyone has a nervous system…though there are important differences between people you must learn. It can't not work...if you do it right!


I put his secrets to work the very next day in my workouts, and I was astounded by the results. I set personal record after personal record…all easier than my previous struggle had been. His secrets not only worked, they worked better than he said they did! 


After that day, I never looked back. Whenever I wanted to accelerate my progress, I just tapped into these “peak performance” tactics and let it come my way. 


The funny thing is that I’m still not naturally strong and athletic. My genetics haven’t changed. Yet, I have gone onto to do amazing feats of strength including pulling an antique 8,800 lb. fire truck by my hair, juggling double 88 lb. kettlebells, supporting half a ton on top of me in a wrestler’s bridge, deadlifting over 2 ½ times bodyweight and much more. None of this could have happened for me without these secrets. 

The same thing can happen for you, too. In fact, you have to be careful not to use your newfound powers too much because you can actually override the body’s signals that tell you to stop for good reason.  


Look, once you understand this “peak performance system,” you’ll be able to get whatever fitness progress you want. Your life will change FOREVER when you discover these secrets I want to share with you. 


Do you have a special goal you’re going after? If so, you can use these same “peak performance” secrets to attain it, or almost any other goal you desire. 

Who Needs These Secrets?

  • Are you sick and tired of never getting anywhere in the gym, the same results day in day out, week in week out, month after month, even year after year? Would you like to know how you can guarantee results from workout to workout, every time?

  • Would you like to automatically have confidence in everything you do? 

  • Would you like to wake up every morning, excited about your day, knowing you’re attaining greater health and fitness each and every day? 

  • ​Are you unable to lose fat or gain muscle despite trying close to everything and trying many times? 

  • And finally, are you fed up with injuries that hurt all the time and limit what you can do? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should get your hands on these peak performance secrets at once, and you should remember this: when you apply this “peak performance formula," and access your mind in a new way…

...You Must Be Careful Not Too Exceed Your Body’s Physical Abilities Too Fast!

Now, before I tell you what these secrets are, it’s important you know what they are NOT. Look, there are a lot of people out there selling books on how to train, telling you it’s all about “hard work,” and blaming lack of results on you not actually following the program. 


But one thing I’ve found is most trainers try to make fitness more difficult than it needs to be.

Here’s What You DO NOT Have To Do:

  • You do NOT have togive 110% with everything that you do. In fact, when you learn these peak performance secrets you’ll learn how you can exceed your best trying with far less effort

  • You do NOT have tolive in the gym working out for hours each day, five or more days a week. The fact is I probably spend less than three hours a week on my fitness. 

  • You do NOT have toinvest in expensive biohacking technology or the latest supplements in order to get results. Not that those can't be useful, but the fact is, you can essentially gain control over the placebo effect yourself! 

  • You do NOT have to…take advice from trainers and coaches who may be strong and fit, but don’t know how to really understand your psychology and what will get you results ​



So what are these secrets, secrets that literally allow you to set multiple personal records in a single workout? Here are some of the remarkable secrets I want to share with you:

Introducing The Peak Performance Mental Muscle Training Intensive

  • How to Tap into Your Peak Performance Mental Codes to Find the Difference between what is “Easy” and what is “Hard”. (And once you know this can turn “Hard” into “Easy”) 

  • Find Out Which of the 4 Representation Types You Are (includes the 1 "Modern" Representation that can Interfere with You Getting Results

  • Discover How to "Read People" Quickly through Their Eyes and Language, a Critical Skill for Coaches and Trainers

  • How the Quality of Your Internal Movies and Pictures Drive Your Results. Tune these up in these 16 Ways to Enhance Your Power

  • How to do the Instant Exercise Enhancer Technique,to Improve Any Exercise in Just a Few Minutes. 

  • ...Plus the Advanced Instant Exercise Enhancer for even More Power.

  • How to Access Muscle Memory...from Your Future!

  • Understanding Internal Kinesthetic and Proprioceptive Feelings on a Deeper Level to Develop Greater Bodily Awareness and Control

  •  Negative and Positive Self-Talk and Why WHAT You’re Saying is Only a Piece of the Puzzle 

  • How to Turn Foods You Hate into Foods You Love

  • How Anchoring Works: When You Understand the Principles Behind Anchoring, Putting It Into Action Becomes Easy

  • The 5 Attributes of Anchors

  • The 6 Different Sensory Channels to Use for Anchoring

  • Increase Your Confidence 10-Fold in the Gym with the Circle of Confidence Drill

  • How to Access Past Triumphs of Mental Toughness to Create an Anchor that'll Never Neither Will You

  • The Art and Science of the Induction, including 11 Different Methods

  • Step-by-Step Method Anyone Can Use to Hypnotize Anyone on Day One. It's Really is Easier than You Think! Everyone in the workshop got results and you will get them as well. 

  • 11 Types of Hypnotic Programming. Choose from Simple Commands, to Perceptual Position Shifts, Time Distortion and More

  • How One Repetitive Phrase can Make You Stronger on Any Exercise in Just 3 Minutes 

  • Hypnotically Access the Flexibility and Skills of Jean-Claude Van Damme 

  • "Slow Down to Speed Up" with The Genius Movement Method - Using the Most Advanced Technique Accelerator Possible for Faster Results with Any Movement

  • Get High Level Coaching from Anyone You Desire with the "Invisible Counselors" Technique

  • Using Self-Hypnosis Scripts...with Lots of Examples

  • 9 Essentials You Must Know About Beliefs Before You Begin to Change Them

  • Working with Beliefs about Possibility/Impossibility and Difficulty

  • The Simplest yet Most Effect Belief Change Drill...The Belief Chain Transformation 

  • If 90% of the game is mental, why would you only spend 10% or less of your time doing mental training? 

  • It’s great to know these methods—but if you don’t use them they won’t help you at all. 

  • In this bonus module you’ll discover 9 different Real-World options for incorporating these practices into your current training both inside and outside of your workouts.

…and much, much more. Look, no matter if you want to shed a few pounds, or you truly want to become superhumanly strong these secrets have the power to…

Change Your Fitness Forever and Give You Absolute Power Over All Your Training Outcomes… You’ll Never Feel “Out of Control” Again!

Okay, that’s it. You have just read a detailed description of these remarkable “peak performance secrets” and what they can do for you. What I’ve done is “stuff” all these secrets into an easy to use system that I taught live in May, 2017 in Austin, Texas.


For years I’ve been able to use these secrets for myself, but only recently have I been able to deliver them in such a simple, yet effective, step-by-step format, that every single attendee was getting results…over and over again. 


Lucky for you the camera was on during this event and every tip and trick was captured. 


Hypnosis sounds mystical and woo-woo...but it's not. And when you hear me explain how it's done you too can get tangible results in hypnotizing yourself and others the very first time you try...just like every attendee did


The first module of the Peak Performance Mental Muscle Training Intensive is available for download now…and you can literally be watching and using it within seconds…

Skeptical? Can This Stuff Really Work?

I know, this all may sound hard to believe...


It's natural, and actually a good thing, that you're skeptical of these claims. There's nothing I can say that will change you mind.


But perhaps when you hear from two of the attendees who thought exactly the same thing you'll, be open to changing your mind.

Came in with Doubts...Left with Deadlift PR

“I came to Logan’s Mental Muscle workshop with some doubts, but now I’m leaving today with a new PR on the kettlebell deadlift times 10 of 202lbs (I probably could have done a lot more), and my overhead press with the kettlebell has improved. I just feel like the exercises that we’ve done have decreased a lot of my self-doubts. I really do recommend coming and doing it. It was a lot of camaraderie and friendships here. The exercises really work! I highly recommend it!”
 - Susan

"If you're on the fence, but open-minded enough, come give it a shot!"

“I came to Logan’s Mental Muscle workshop with some doubts, but now I’m leaving today with a new PR on the kettlebell deadlift times 10 of 202lbs (I probably could have done a lot more), and my overhead press with the kettlebell has improved. I just feel like the exercises that we’ve done have decreased a lot of my self-doubts. I really do recommend coming and doing it. It was a lot of camaraderie and friendships here. The exercises really work! I highly recommend it!”
 - Susan

Will you end up saying the same things? Are you willing to give it a honest try?


Are You Ready to Step Up to the “Big Leagues” and Finally Take Total Control Of Your Fitness Once and For All?


If so, you should get your hands on this system before it’s too late. 


Just ask yourself..."What if it DOES Work?" Imagine what it could do for you.


And don’t take my word for it… here’s what the other live attendees have to say about the results the got that weekend with the secrets revealed in this remarkable system:

What the Attendees Are Saying About The Peak Performance Mental Muscle Training Intensive:

"Aspects of Training that I've Not Considered Before..."

"Attending Logan’s Peak Performance Mental Training Intensive, loving every minute of it. Learning so many new things, aspects of training that I’ve not considered before, and opening many, many new possibilities. Highly recommended! After following some basic steps, I was able to do an exercise I could not do before. I never did a 20kg pistol before and I definitely never did a 24kg, and I’m going to do a 48 tomorrow! Thank you very much!"
 - Natan

New PR - 3 Pullups with 'Jetpack'

“I am a pilates instructor and own several studios. And my take away from this  Mental Muscle Training Intensive is that I have the capability, through different mind modalities and techniques, to improve any aspect of my fitness in an area that I want. For a PR, I did one pull-up and it was a struggle. But then when Matt and I were working together, I did 3 and I was floating up in my “jetpack.” So now I have a jetpack!  Also a one handed handstand. Thanks again! And I highly encourage you to take this training!”
 - Nicole

"Taking Ownership of Your Mind..."

“The Mental Muscle Workshop really helped me to gauge my mindfulness when I’m engaging in movement. I really liked the exercises’ emphasis on taking ownership of how your mind is processing the movements that you are trying to perform and the mental state in which you are to trying to perform them. Actually performing these exercises helped me to a personal best in the kettlebell press and to improve my handstand quite quickly in just one session. So I would highly recommend anyone to try this workshop. If you’re really looking to actually improve your level of focus and get serious about progressing your goals for fitness, I really don’t think there is a way around actually engaging the mental game.”
 - Tony

Not Abstract...Very Concrete and Very Powerful Techniques

“I came to the Mental Muscle Workshop and it was absolutely fantastic! I was combining two interests because I had a background in NLP and hypnosis, which is what Logan uses to amplify your results in terms of your working out, exercise, and fitness. I would call what Logan does “embodied NLP” or “embodied hypnosis.” A lot of times the way this is used in workshops is very abstract with abstract problems, but in here we really had concrete ways to test out what we were doing, to improve what we were doing, and to amplify it. So these are very, very powerful techniques. And you can use them in order parts of your life in extraordinary ways, but to have a context to learn them in, that’s very tangible, this will amplify your fitness results tremendously. Then, having learned that, you can use that in other parts of your life. I highly recommend the workshop!”
 - Marco

"I Felt Myself Getting Stronger..."

“I set a PR today. That was pretty cool. A 176lb kettlebell. I did it for 3 reps. After doing a drill, I got it up to 8 reps. And then it was funny, because earlier this morning, the 203lb one, I tried lifting it, when I first came in, and I couldn’t do that. Then just for the hell of it, a few minutes after the whole thing, I was able to lift that one easily as well. So that was pretty cool...I felt myself getting stronger.   I really enjoyed doing the drills since doing them actually provided me instant feedback which will keep me motivated on using them in the future. You just have kept things practical & focused on demystifying things like hypnosis considering some peoples' perceptions on it.”
 - Andre

Visualizing Improved Injury and Pain

“Visualizing back in the past, pre-injury and all that, and how pull-ups would feel, taking myself now and putting back there actually physically made me feel better! I actually started feeling better when I visualize back to how easy my pull-ups used to be.”
 - Matt

"Delivered in a structured way, so you know step-by-step how to do it"

“Some of this stuff I kind of did on myself, like, 25 years ago. But it was not structured, it was something that a lot of people do and they don’t realize they do it. You delivered it in a way that you got a structure so you know step-by-step how to do it. I just did 5 bridge push-ups, which I’ve never done — I may have done 1, but I did 5 in a row! It was that anchoring and it was pretty well in place.”
 - David

"Intense Mentally"

“Activating the muscle memory and the time compression — what you can do now, in a month, 6 months, and just actually stepping forward and stepping back, it really made a difference and my pull-ups.   I really enjoyed the seminar. It was intense mentally. Most people neglect this aspect of and training and life in general.”

 - Lee

Look, I don’t mean to brag, but the above results are pretty impressive. The good news is you too can easily achieve the same kind of results

Next Best Thing to Being There Live

First of all, let me say that these are not the highest quality video or audios available. If you're looking for Disney graphics go see a movie.


Instead, this is filmed from a real workshop, guerilla-style. The lighting isn't perfect. Neither is the sound (though it is certainly listenable). 


If you need things well-produced you'd be better off following a workout program from Beach Body. Here you'll find the real nitty-gritty details on what it takes to use these mental muscle skills for yourself (and for clients if you're a trainer).


Sure, being there live would have been best. You'd get the group atmosphere. You'd get to work with me individually. But you would have paid more and likely had to travel to do so.


So videos are the next best thing. Not only can you relive the experience, but you can pause and rewind, watching again and again to get even more of the tiny techniques that can result in big changes. 


When you order today you'll get access to the download page where you'll find all 28 videos, spanning 5 modules, along with the complete 43 page workbook. 

You'll Get All This...

Order the Mental Muscle Training Intensive

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In strength,

Logan Christopher

P.S. Look, you can live your whole life without ever knowing these secrets...many do, and live a life of regret, wondering "what could have been" had they just been able to tap into peak performance. Don't let this happen to you. Get your hands on this system right now and start becoming mentally and physically more powerful!


P.P.S. WARNING: When you use these secrets, you have to be careful not to exceed your previous limits too fast, or you can hurt yourself. Not too worry though, I show you how to do that...and in fact, make everything you do easier.


60 Days - No Questions Asked

If you don't feel like this is worth every penny, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.  Just let us know and we'll give you your money back.  This is 100% risk-free.  All the risk is on us as you can download it right away and take two months to decide if it's worth it to you.

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