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Use the Muscle Control Exercises and Methods that Gave Maxick, Otto Arco and Other Strongmen Their Incredible Strength

    Dear Friend,

    Can you move like this? Do you have complete mastery over your individual muscles?

    Let me tell you a little of the story of Maxick, the best known muscle control artist in the world. Born as a small child and attacked with rickets, he shortly became a robust young lad through his practice of muscle control. He went on to become one of the strongest people of his time, while maintaining a very small bodyweight.

    Here are Maxick’s Amazing Feats Of Strength at a Weight of less than 147lbs:

    1. Right Hand Military Press, 112 pounds
    2. Right Hand Snatch, 165 pounds
    3. Right Hand Swing with Dumbbell, 150 pounds.
    4. Right Hand Jerk, 240 pounds
    5. Two Hands Military Press, 230 pounds
    6. Two Hands Clean and Jerk with Barbell, 272 pounds.
    7. Two Hands Continental Jerk with Barbell, 340 pounds
    8. In a contest at finger-pulling, in which Maxick was "unbeatable," Maxick could pull a 200-pound opponent clear across the table that separated the two men.
    9. He pressed van Diggelen (185 pounds) overhead 16 times with his right arm, while holding in his left hand a glass of beer full to the brim, without spilling a drop. Earlier that same day, he had pressed Fred Storbeek (205 pounds), who was then the heavyweight British Empire Boxing Champion, 11 times with his right arm.
    10. Holding van Diggelen aloft on one arm, Maxick ran up two flights of stairs with him and then ran down the two flights. Then standing on his hands, he in that position ran up the two flights and down again.

    Pretty amazing stuff right? And Maxick attributes his strength to muscle control. But is it...

    The Only Exercise You Need?​

    While muscle control is an integral part of gaining true strength, you will be aided by other exercises, which could include weight lifting, bodyweight exercises or much more. Here is what Maxick had to say about it:


    The great thing is that the practice of muscle control can be added on top of whatever you're currently doing to bring greater benefits. It takes little time for a little practice, although you can choose to go very long with it as well.

    Muscle control does not tax the muscles the same way that most exercise does. In fact, through contraction and relaxation you can even aid in recovery from your other workouts.


    "I do not, and never have, claimed that by muscle-control alone, unaided by mechanical exercises, each muscle may be brought to its highest state of development: but I do claim that mechanical exercise, either with or without apparatus, will never produce the limit of strength and development of which the individual is capable unless combined with muscle control."


    The great thing is that the practice of muscle control can be added on top of whatever you're currently doing to bring greater benefits. It takes little time for a little practice, although you can choose to go very long with it as well.

    Muscle control does not tax the muscles the same way that most exercise does. In fact, through contraction and relaxation you can even aid in recovery from your other workouts.

    How Muscle Control Makes You Strong

    This topic is covered even more in depth in the books and DVD's, but for now a simple explanation will suffice. When you try to lift a weight your muscles contract to do it. The stronger the contraction the more you can lift. This is one side of muscle control, the simple aspect that most people see and never move beyond. By learning to contract your muscles, harder and better, you'll be able to lift more weight.

    The other side, and even more important aspect of muscle control, is RELAXATION.

    When you contract maximally, notice that surrounding muscles contract as well. This includes the antagonistic muscles to the one's you're trying to lift with. These means you're stepping on the brakes the same time you're stepping on the gas!

    But through the proper practice of muscle control you can unlock those breaks, using the exact amount of contraction where needed, and keeping everything else relaxed as needed, for Effortless Strength.

    Many of the old time strongmen were practioners of muscle control. Eugene Sandow would sit and read his morning newspaper while "flicking" his muscles. This, he said, was all the exercise he needed.

    The Mind-Muscle Connection

    Here's what Maxick had to say on the matter:

    "THE SERIOUS student of muscle-control will soon become aware of the fact that his willpower had become greater, and his mental faculties clearer and capable of increased concentration. Thus it will be observed that the controlling of the muscles reacts upon the mind and strengthens the mental powers in exactly the same proportion that the control of the muscles strengthens the body and limbs."


    When you increase your ability to control your muscles you are building better connections in your body. This also builds better connections in your brain.

    When you've established some proficiency in muscle control (you don't have to be a master of it) your capability to pick up new skills both physical and mental will increase.

    This is part of the reason I've been called a Physical Culture Renaissance Man. That's because I can do so many different physical and strength related things well. In fact, I love to go to places and "show them up" or at least perform really well without having devoted time to practice at it.

    Increase Your Health

    One area of muscle control stands above the rest. That's the breathing and abdominal exercises. Why? Because these not only effect the muscles but the internal organs.

    The effects of exercises like The Vacuum and Abdominal Rolling on the internal organs are powerful. In fact, back in the day Maxick and his parnter Monte Saldo pitched muscle control as an aid in curing many ailments and diseases for these reasons.

    • Empty out the Lungs of Stagnant Air to get Fresh Air in. It's like squeezing a sponge.
    • Massages the Internal Organs to help them do their job.
    • Keeps things Moving and Unstuck in the Digestive Tract.

    There is simply no other exercises that can mimic these health results.  I always tell people if you never did any other muscle control exercise, at least do this series, for the benefits it brings.

    Plus if you have any injuries or need rehabilitation muscle control is the surest and safest way to work the areas in question.


    Here’s just some of what’s in this course.

    • Maxick Attributes All his Strength to Muscle Control like doing a Two Hands Military Press of 230 lbs. while weighing less than 147 lbs. How is this possible?
    • A Complete Follow Along Audio Muscle Control Workout
    • Can you match these Great Muscle Control Acts? This is where true mastery lays.
    • What Antagonistic Tension is and How its Holding You Back in Every Exercise You Do.
    • How to Easily do "The Rope"
    • You don't need to be as skilled as Prof. J. Chandrashekhar performing a tendon isolation, one of the most advanced stunts possible, to get the benefits of muscle control. Pictured here -------------------------->
    • WARNING: Don't make the biggest mistakes almost everyone makes with this lost art.
    • Unlock True Power with Static, Bouncing and Moving Muscle Control
    • How Muscle Control will Make You Stronger (and its probably not how you think)
    • How Muscle Control will Make You Stronger (and its probably not how you think)
    • The TWO Most Important Areas of Your Body for Muscle Control
    • Tons of Exercises from Beginner to Advanced, from Head to Toe.
    • Aston's Anti-Barbell, and why this may become your New Favorite Tool.
    • The Methods of Properly Structuring a Muscle Control Workout
    • If you did no other least do this One Muscle Control Exercise for the Amazing Health and Vitality Benefits it Delivers in about one minute per day.
    • Why most people are using too much Effort in their Exercise...and how to use the Right Amount
    • How the Mind is Directly Tied to Strength and Muscle Growth
    • How to Apply Muscle Control to Any Exercise you do.

    "I find that moving around on the mat feels different now and a whole lot better- and I'm still a novice in muscle control I believe (I do MMA, no-gi and BJJ). Shrimping for example feels suddenly more explosive.


    Also, I used to have to use a vibrator on the back of my hips to relieve tension and pain always after training on the mat or in the gym (pulling, squatting). Now, since I have a better control of my muscles and because of that I move better, I haven't had to massage myself at all this week! My hips feel a LOT better now, merely training gross motor movements didn't fix all my pain/movement issues.


    Thanks again for this wonderful program!"
    -Tomas Valverde from Finland

        Introducing the First Course of its Kind...

        Muscle Control has been around for many years, yet this course is the first one of its kind. That's because this is the first course on VIDEO, which actually shows you how to do the exercises, instead of just giving you pictures to follow. There are two full videos giving you instruction and showing you the exercises.

        Not that books aren't helpful because they are. And this course wouldn't be complete without them. That's why you'll be getting not one but SIX of them. You'll get the classic Muscle Control by Maxick to give you that foundation. Also from him is Great Strength by Muscle Control and How to Become a Great Athlete.

        Then there was his partner named Monte Saldo the creator of the Maxalding system. These two co-wrote a rare book called Health, Strength & Will Power.

        This course also includes a rare book titled How to Learn Muscle Control by Otto Arco (another fantastic weightlifter, hand balacer, and of course muscle controller) and Alan Calvert (the author of Super Strength).

        <---- Here is Otto Arco at age 64 still with great mastery over his muscles!

        And to make muscle control as easy as possible for you, I've recorded a Follow Along Audio that gives you all the basic exercises and tells you exactly how to do them, down to telling you when to contract and relax.

        Just pop it in your player, load it up on your iPod or computer and click play. As you practice for days and weeks your control of your muscles will grow immensely.

        So here’s everything you’ll be getting when you pick up the Master Muscle Control Course right now.

        1. Muscle Control by Maxick ($29.95 Value)

        2. How to Learn Muscle Control by Otto Arco and Alan Calvert ($29.95 Value)

        3. Great Strength by Muscle Control by Maxick ($29.95 Value)

        4. How to Become a Great Athlete by Maxick ($29.95 Value)

        5. Health, Strength & Will Power by Maxick & Monte Saldo ($29.95 Value)

        6. Maxalding by Monte Saldo ($29.95 Value)

        7. Follow Along Muscle Control Workout Audio ($97 Value)

        8. Master Muscle Control 2 Video Set ($197 Value)

        total value of $473.70. But you won’t have to pay that much. For a limited time you can get this whole package for a fraction of the price.

          Master Muscle Control

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          "The muscle control has been very helpful. Doing muscle control with isometrics has definitely helped me get that much stronger. I can feel my mind body connections getting stronger for sure. I wrestled in high school and hurt my shoulder pretty badly from repetetive stress. When i was done with the season i felt imbalanced from one shoulder to the other. I tried to do traditional weightlifting but was having no success. Feling this imbalance which seemed to be more upper tricep/shoulder oriented than just purely shoulder.I underwent many physical therapy sessions for my shoulders but each time i would just re-injure my shoulders. I knew internally that i felt this imbalance but no physical therapist could ever manually find anything wrong with me. But how could they, this was a highly subjective experiental kind of sensation/feeling. So i started to hear about isometrics and became curious about it as i had heard through the wood work that you could be come super strong just from tensing the muscles alone. So i did this for a while and had a lot of great success. And then i heard that alot of strong men not only did isometrics but isolated muscle control (which is very similar to the isometrics i was learning but more concentrated and isolated) And then by the grace of god i found you and your course. So i  thank you for this course Logan it has helped me immensely. The mind body connection that i was missing from my shoulder/tricep imbalance has been corrected and i feel stronger than ever!"
           - Jordan Rubin of New Jersey

              This is the most complete package of Muscle Control information you'll find anywhere.

              All of this is available in digital downloads. Right after you purchase you’ll be able to immediately download everything to your computer. Because there is no hard cost to this package I can pass those savings on to you.

                  Muscle control is a lost art. But when you add it into your regular practice (trust me you don't have to switch over and become a muscle control only guy) you'll begin to have greater control of your muscles and mind. This then leads to greater strength and health.

                  In strength,

                  Logan Christopher

                  P.S. The Master Muscle Control Course contains 2 videos, 1 Audio, and 6 eBooks - A $473.70 Value - Your's Today for just $97. With the guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose so try it today.

                  "I love the Master Muscle Control Course because it's the only place I've found the moves presented both visually & with instruction (as opposed to the many Youtube videos with no instruction). I also really liked how you admitted in a few places that you couldn't quite do a move, but were still working - very inspiring.

                  The results I've seen from applying this information are greater relaxation: I didn't do this to get stronger, but rather to improve my ability to voluntarily relax my muscles for my Wing Chun. This has been a huge help.

                   - Felix Niland from Australia

                      Master Muscle Control

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