10 Keys to Mental Toughness & Antifragility 


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This course, which will include video and an ebook, will dive even deeper into the topic with usable methods to up your game in this area.


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Mental Toughness Maximizer Hypnosis (normally $24.95)

Want to be physically tough?


It comes down to being mentally tough.


Tap into those deep reserves within yourself to know that you can go beyond whatever is thrown at you.


Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands and past experiences allow you to heighten your mental toughness and access it anytime you choose.

Mental Toughness with the Man Who Ran Across the Sahara Desert (a $39 value)

Is there anything that would take MORE mental toughness? 


Go deep with the mental and emotional capacities needed to accomplish such an elite goal. Answer these 24 questions to dig deep within yourself. Apply this 4-step strategy to unlock your mental toughness.


9 Methods of Tempering Mind-Body-Spirit (a $39 value)

Beyond physical training there are a number of other methods that can be used to crank up your toughness.


Apply one or apply them all and watch your mental toughness soar. Some are obvious…and some are not at all.

100 Burpee Challenge (a $39 value)

This deep dive newsletter along with videos walks you through easy progressions to use with this conditioning exercise that can build physical and mental toughness.


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10 Keys to Mental Toughness & Antifragility

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