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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve put a number of my courses on Quarantine Sale. First and foremost is to help out many people that are confined to their home during these crazy times that used to go to gyms. All these courses are stuff you can do from home with a minimum or no equipment at all.


It’s estimated we’re heading north of 30% unemployment in the states, so I know many people don’t have much to spend. Obviously, make sure you cover the necessities, but I offer this to you in case you’re in a good position to make use of it. (The other reason is I’m working to stay in business myself!) 

In strength,

Logan Christopher

Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Conditioning

Master the use of your bodyweight to build conditioning and endurance. From hill sprints to jump rope, squats and jumps to circuit training, you’ll learn how to progressively build your anaerobic and aerobic ability in this book.

Physical Book Regularly $24.95 + S/H


Digital Version Regularly $19.95

Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises

If you want to be strong anywhere you must have a strong core. Learn all about the two best bodyweight exercises to develop it, the ab wheel rollout and hanging leg raise. Tons of progressions to master these moves and many more.

Physical Book Regularly $24.95 + S/H


Digital Version Regularly $19.95

Ultimate Guide to Pullups and Chin-ups

This guide to the great bodyweight exercise pullups covers five main topics. You’ll learn how to work up to your first rep, adding many more reps, adding weight, tons of variations and master the one arm chinnup.

Physical Book Regularly $34.95 + S/H


Digital Version Regularly $19

Practicing Strength & Movement

Your in-depth guide to how “strength is a skill” and the many ways you can apply this to gain physical skill, or really any skill, far faster than most. Packed with drills that can give you instant increases this book can take you far…

Physical Book Regularly $49


Digital Version Regularly $39

Secrets of the Handstand Quick Start System

A step-by-step system utilizing lead-up stunts and assistance exercises that will lead you to holding a freestanding handstand faster than anything else. Nothing else will get you into a freestanding handstand faster!

Regularly $67

Master Muscle Control

A practice and artform used much in the eras of the oldtime strongmen, but seldom practiced today. Learn muscle control and gain the benefits in mastering your mind-muscle connection. 6 Classic books, a follow along muscle control workout on CD, and 2 DVD's showing you how to train and do the exercises. 

Regularly $97

Buzzing with Energy

It’s not some woo-woo method, but Energy Drills you’ll feel tangible effects from…guaranteed or your money back! The information contained within is based on years of study in various formats of Energy Medicine and is distilled down into a short and simple, yet very powerful routine. Includes written course plus instructional and follow along videos.

Regularly $49

Stand-Up Challenge

Find out 52+ ways of getting down and up off the floor in ever more complex ways that will challenge your strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Discover how you can do these Stand Up flows…and how it’s even proven to help you live longer! 

Regularly $49

Intuitive Mobility

A 6-module video course that takes you from complete beginner to advanced when it comes to mobility. Features follow along routines for building the basics, positional mobility, and how to become intuitive with your mobility practice. Bonus module covers how to use this method to fix injuries and pain. 

Regularly $149

The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols 2nd Edition

Learn how to gain a full range of motion in the bodyweight squat. Discover several variations and how to work up to hundreds or even beyond 1000 reps in a single set. Go further by achieving your first pistol then well beyond it, adding more reps, explosiveness and weighted. Find out how to do the shrimp squat, dragon pistol and figure 4 squat. New 2nd edition includes complete book and video program. 

Regularly $99

Beyond Biofeedback: The 4 Levels of

Intuitive Training

“Listen to your body” is an often quoted phrase.  But HOW do you do that?  This step-by-step course leads you through the four levels of biofeedback training, from beginner, to testing, to feeling, to knowing.  A must learn skill for greater progress and to avoid injury.


Regularly $99

80/20 Strength Challenge

The 80/20 Strength Challenge is setup as a five week training cycle. That's all you gotta do...and then repeat it again and again to continue to progress. The program adapts with your strength so that beginner, intermediate or advanced, you'll continue to move forward. 

Regularly $69.95

Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

This book covers everything you could possibly need to know on one of the greatest exercises, the handstand pushup. Whether you are working up to your first rep or are doing them full-range you’ll be able to get stronger with this book.

Regularly $24.95

Instant Exercise Enhancers

I know it sounds too good to be true. But if you stick with me for a moment, I will prove it to you. Find out three proven methods to instantly gaining strength, speed and skill as happened over and over again to attendees at the Wizards of Strength Workshop. Proof is seen in video on the detail page.

Regularly $99

Indestructible Body

Broken down into all the joints and areas of the body, this course isn’t just about mobility, flexibility or strength but a combination of them all. Includes bodyweight and weighted exercises, plus plenty of unconventional movements you’ve never seen before. Great for prehab and rehab to build an indestructible body.

Physical Regularly $107

Digital Regularly $97

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