"How to Activate Superpower Level Health with a Systems Approach to Living a Virtuous Spiral of Vitality"


Finally Understand Why Your Health is NOT Where You Want It to Be…Despite (or Perhaps Because of!) Living in the Information Age

Do you have:

  • Un-Fatigable Energy?

  • Courage and Strength to Conquer Your Fears?

  • The Ability to Relax Deeply...to Turn Off on Command?

  • Mental Sharpness so You Consistently Play at Your A-Game?

  • A Body that Looks like You Want it To?

  • ​...and a Robust Self-Image to Not Feel Bad about What You Can’t Change?

  • ​Sexual Performance to Deeply Satisfy Yourself and a Partner? (Not just Vitality but Virility too!) 

  • ​A Rich and Consistent Sense of Fulfillment? 

Or are you missing some of these things and…don’t…quite…know…why?


Look, going for perfection is a fool’s errand but there is always room for improvement. How many of those things would you list as…Mostly True?


Too many people think health is simply the absence of disease…yet so many are failing even at that!


Too many people feel frazzled, stressed, and keep putting on weight year after year. You feel like you eat pretty healthy and you exercise, but still "something" is not quite right. You think to yourself..."What am I missing?"


Health is NOT popping some pill. It’s not even being fit and looking good naked.


I don’t want you to merely be healthy. I want you to have Virtuous Vitality. Vitality is defined as:

Virtue is defined as:

Put it together and Virtuous Vitality is the beneficial, powerful and commendable quality to enhance the capacity to live, develop and endure.


Is that something you’d like to have?


Would you like to be a Super Man or Super Woman? I understand these things may not be NORMAL. They are not average.


But listen to me when I say this…average SUCKS!


The average person’s health is getting worse and worse. The average person is propped up on pharmaceuticals. The average person is low energy, in pain, poor sleep, etc.


Your health, your vitality can be far better than average...no matter your age. It is possible!


I continue to do it for myself and want to help guide you to do the same. Let me show you how… 

Are You Trapped in a
Vicious Cycle or a Virtuous Cycle?

These terms come from Systems Theory. They’re both cases of Reinforcing Feedback Loops. The key difference is whether what is being reinforced is “good” or “bad”.

A vicious cycle is one in which ill-health is reinforced more over time. The worse off you get, the worse off you get and the harder it can be to turn things around. For example:

  • The extra pounds cause hormonal changes which make you more likely to continue craving the foods that will cause you to gain more weight.


  • You don’t exercise because of pain and injuries, and the lack of movement sets you up for more pain and injury in the future.


  • You’re thinking is foggy, your mood depressed, so you slug down stimulants to keep going because you feel you need to...but end up digging a deeper hole over time.


Contrast this to a virtuous cycle, in which amazing health is reinforced. 

  • You’re brimming with so much energy that you feel like you need to workout, which gives you more energy later on.


  • The right dietary changes change your microbiome and cravings making you want the foods that keep you full of vitality. 


  • You believe that you’re a virtuously vital person, so you tweak your health habits making you even healthier, further reinforcing the belief.


But the cycle is not all there is to health…

Compounding Health Over the Spiral Nature of Time

Most of us think in terms of time being linear. This is the “arrow of time” From the past to the present to the future.


Indigenous wisdom, as well as other places, also see that there are “cycles of time.” That the same things occur in small cycles and large cycles of time. Sure, each year is different, but the cycle of the seasons is the same.

Neither of these are right nor wrong. They’re two different ways of seeing the world, both with benefits and drawbacks.


And if you combine them you get what I like to call the “spiral of time.” 

Here we see that time moves forward, but also OVERLAPS areas from the past and future.


(The picture only shows one dimension or length of cycle, but this is fractal and not actually visually apparent as there are small and large cycles always in play.)


Why is this important?


Health habits are cyclical in nature.


With that, add the arrow and ask are your health habits improving or getting worse over time?


To put it in a new way…are you trapped in a vicious spiral or virtuous spiral when it comes to your health and vitality?

Big Mistake #1 - Believing Health Deteriorates as You AGE

This is a lie. As my friend Peter Ragnar, likes to put it “Time is Not Toxic.”


It is what HAPPENS during that time that ultimately matters. 


Hormones do NOT have to go down as you age.


Your fitness and recovery don't HAVE to get harder as you age.


Just because it's common doesn't make it necessarily so. Just look to examples of those vibrant pictures of health in advanced ages. They exist! And that means YOU can be one of them...if you take the right action.


I’m 34 years old right now. But I can’t wait ‘til I’m in my fifties or sixties. I will be so much better and healthier than.


What about you? 

Tactics ---> Strategy ---> System

Yes, I can share various health tactics with you like a 20-4 intermittent fasting schedule, supplementing with magnesium spray (and why this is better than oral supplementation), or one of my top testosterone tips for guys…nude sunbathing.


But by themselves tactics don’t really make big impacts. You need a strategy. 


How does fasting fit into your overall diet and detoxification? Which kind of fasting is best suited to you and your goals? How does this effect your fitness? Your mental clarity and mood? Is fasting even right for you (because it is not for everyone)?


Are you supplementing with random vitamins, minerals or herbs because you’ve heard they’re good for you? Or is there an actual strategy to their use? Are you stacking synergistic benefits by their combinations?


Are you doing the right things for your hormone health? Do you understand that this takes certain behaviors...but in this day and age is largely about what to AVOID?


Strategies are great but even so, a strategy is typically not enough…not if you want unstoppable health.


We need to look at health as the complex ecological system that it is. How every area affects the others...

Big Mistake #2 - Neglecting Entire Levels of Health

This is how I see look at health, from a systems perspective.


1. Physical Level

2. Energetic Level

3. Emotional Level

4. Mental Level

5. Spiritual Level


The various levels affect each other up and down the system. All levels can affect all other levels. 


For instance, exercise or certain nutrients will affect brain health which in turn will impact thinking patterns and emotions.


Each of these levels contain a lot of different things, of which some people specialize in a single aspect of a single level!


And it’s not just individual. The people you interact with (family, friends, community) all have this going on too! Therefore, there are even more interacting parts. 

And there are more areas not even listed on above image. Just keeping it simple for health some important areas we’d look at, see the next example:

Let’s look at this as a vicious then a virtuous cycle. 


Viciously: You’re not working out, which in turn doesn’t help your hormones. Without proper hormones your sleep is disrupted. Poor sleep leads to foggy thinking and a poor mood. These in turn tend to lead to poor dietary choices, which in turn can cause leaky gut or dysbiosis. Your body tries to detox, through the skin (like psoriasis, acne) or the bowels (constipation, diarrhea). Because of these symptoms you take some drugs, which may have side effects of fatiguing you further, so you don’t have energy to workout…


Virtuously: You do some strength training which positively affects the sex hormones and regulates the stress hormones. This helps you have deep, restful sleep, so that when you wake up you feel energized, ready to conquer the day. Feeling that way you make good dietary choices which even help to improve your gut health. With your gut in good shape you can easily handle the toxic load from the environment, and you still take some supplements to support that and your energy. Feeling great, you have energy to workout… 


This is just a couple examples. We could input other healthy systems parts and show how they all interact. Start anywhere, end anywhere. 


Remember that these are in the spiral of time, and thus they compound. 


Like compound interest is the "8th wonder of the world," are you having this compounding work FOR you or AGAINST you?


One meal, one workout, one night of sleep don't matter so much. But one hundred meals, one hundred workouts, one hundred nights of sleep do. 

Big Mistake #3 - Going down the WRONG Track of Health

Look, you probably know a bunch of healthy things you SHOULD be doing. Am I right?


Unfortunately, I would say that 10% to even HALF of those things that you think you should be doing are WRONG! 


Going in the wrong direction is not only not helpful but can be disastrous. That it is a wrong direction sometimes takes years to be realized!


There is a LOT of MISinformation and even intentional DISinformation regarding health. 


Without going into all the gory details, big companies are required by law to seek profit for their shareholders. Unfortunately, sometimes this is done by cutting corners. Other times it is done by illegal actions…or for those companies with lots of money, by manipulating law through lobbyists and other methods to change the laws in their favor. (Think of the lies of Big Tobacco as an example everyone knows, but unfortunately the same and WORSE methods are used by others.) 


Falling into the trap of health disinformation purposefully put out there to lead you down the wrong path! 


Falling into the trap of paralysis by analysis as there’s simply too many conflicting viewpoints! 


I’ve fallen into these traps myself…many times. Sometimes you must learn from experience. 


Other times it is great to have a coach that can simply point out you’re about to fall into a BIG PIT so you can avoid it. 


Furthermore, when you understand a few key principles it becomes easier to avoid these traps now and in the future. 

Big Mistake #4 - Not removing those Blocks that Hold Your Back

Going back to the statement. You probably know a bunch of healthy things you SHOULD be doing. Of those that you truly should be doing, that are based on sound wisdom, why aren’t you? 


Here’s a partial list of reasons…

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Self-Sabotaging Behavior

  • Poor Habits

  • Over-Stress and Over Work

  • Uncontrollable Cravings

  • Because of Other People (Playing the Blame Game)

The reasons are many…and some are valid too! Change isn’t easy. Not by yourself anyway.


In this program we’re going to focus on where you need help most. That might be laying out the specific and physical things to do. But chances are that it’s going to take some psychological work. This is an area I have LOTS of experience in. More on that in a second...

The Bad News... Health IS This Complex! 

...The Good News YOU Do Not Need to Understand it All!

No wonder there are so few people with super hero level health.


If it is this complicated, is it any wonder why so many people's health is failing?


Your average doctor looks only at the physical level and of that, typically just the chemical (pharmaceuticals) and structural (surgery) parts. That's all most of them know! Far from a complete picture, wouldn't you say?


A psychologist helps with the mental and emotional level (hopefully...if they don't just push more chemical-modification on you).


I would argue that without the Whole Picture your chances of being Whole are slim to none.


The good news is that you only need a glimpse of it, if you're working with someone that can see the whole picture with enough detail to get results. Someone in your corner to advise you...

About Your New Coach

My name is Logan Christopher and you likely know me from one or more of the following places:


1. As a strongman and for my crazy feats of strength at LegendaryStrength.com


2. ​As an herbalist and for my crazy powders and tinctures at LostEmpireHerbs.com


3. ​Or perhaps as an entrepreneur for growing these two crazy businesses.

In addition to my extensive fitness and health education, I’m also an NLP Trainer (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), even running an NLP coaching and training business for a few years. Plus, I’ve been certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EEM (Eden Energy Medicine), hypnosis and more.

I’ve been studying health for over fifteen years now. All of my experience will be put to good use for you in the Virtuous Vitality Coaching Program.


I practice what I preach and I’m looking for a few select people to get similar great results along with me.


I’m pleased that my books and herbs are helping people. Even transforming lives. But I know that even this pales in comparison to what is possible with more direct hands-on work.


That's why I’m looking for a select few that really want to go through a big shift and want help all along the way.

One Client's Results... (In his own words)

When I started working with Logan, my life was in a mess :

* I was out of shape and I had stopped working out.

* I was smoking cigarrets again

* My stress levels were going through the roof

* I was drinking way to much coffee to overcome fatigue.

* I didn’t eat properly and snacked a lot throughout the day.

* I had toxic friends drawing me back to weed, alcohol and parties.


This situation was really painful : I was having more and more sleep issues, digestive troubles and overall I was quite depressed. 


After a few years of working a lot on my health, I was really fed up to still be back in such a situation so it motivated make real changes and most importantly… I wanted to be helped!


So I started working with Logan on a 6-months period. At the same time, I was following a few other online programs, reading some books and working with an energy healer.

I really wanted to make lasting changes so I put all the chances on my side.

My goal was simple : increasing my energy and stabilizing my moods throughout the day, as well as solving my sleep and digestive issues.

My underlying desire was to be more productive so I could have more impact with my business.

Here is what happened over the coaching period:

We started our work together by adding a morning routine back into my life, so I could start the day energizing myself and putting some order in my life again. I focused on doing breathing exercises and meditation in the morning, which helped me a lot going back on track.

Then we started working on my smoking habit which was back into my life. Logan gave me some very specific NLP’s exercises tailored to my needs and personality which helped a lot. I also read a book on quitting smoking.

At the same time, I started adding some workout exercises in my morning routine (an even simpler version of the “80/20 Strength Challenge”) to get things movings and get strong again.

These first changes made a big difference quite quickly : my energy was increasing, so much so that my sexual energy went through the roof. So we started working on sexual energy transmutation so I could redirect this energy into my business projects and be more performant. 


Another consequence of these changes was that I let go of a few toxic relationships. It freed a lot of time and energy and since then I never smoked weed or tobacco again, and I can drink alcohol only when I feel like it (and not because it’s party time) 


Then we went onto a big subject : sleep. I was still drinking too much coffee and having very high levels of stress. So we started working on that : I fully removed caffeine from my life for 2 full weeks and started to add a yoga classes and relaxation exercises at night. These two things together solved 90% of my sleep issues. 


The next subject we focused on was food : I already knew which food worked for me or not and eating quite well. The problem for me was to avoid those sugar binges and stay on my “diet” especially in the afternoon. We quickly realized the problem was deeper so we used NLP exercises to dived into my subconscious to remove those blocks. We couldn’t fully resolve this deep issue (childhood issues + work/life balance issues) but it helped a lot and I’m still in the process of working on it.


We also took some time to see which herbs and supplements would help me with my digestive issues as well as sleep issues. I started drinking a very specific herbal tea each morning to improve the state of my gut flora (I learnt a lot there !). 


As we were getting near the end of the 6 months, I asked Logan if we could spend some time working on productivity and business strategies. I started working with Logan not only for the health and strength aspects, but also because he is a successful entrepreneur. I’m aspiring to build similar things so I was very interested to learn more about his strategies and habits around writing, creativity, reading, etc. I received very specific advices as well as “big paradigms” that I integrated into my life and business. 


Finally, as my health and energy was at a much higher level, I start going to the gym again to do proper strength workouts. Going full circle. That’s when Logan gave me access to his program “Master Keys to Strength and Fitness” and we ended our coaching period working on workout strategies so I could get serious into it. 


As you can see, we worked on many things on a 6 month period and it helped me make very deep changes:  

* I don’t smoke anymore

* I have a lot of energy

* I’m not in a low / depressed state anymore

* I sleep just fine

* My digestive issues are on their way to be healed

* And most importantly, I’ve integrated many new beliefs, paradigms and life strategies so I can now be more independent and add habits easily into my life.


If you are motivated and willing to go all in, you can really change your life profoundly over a 6 months period. Working with someone who is where you want to be is a very powerful shortcut. Whether you want to work on strength, health or even productivity, Logan will give you the keys and strategies YOU need to get to the next level for sure. 


Thank you for everything Logan ! 


- Paul L.

"Logan is to Health what the Jedi are to the Force"

Let me explain.. A few months into starting a new business my health dropped out from under me.  I averaged about 4 hours of sleep (on a good night).  Had eczema and acne popping up.  And I was only supported by a steady drip of caffeine throughout the day.


I thought I did all the right things.. eat a few vegetables, meditate, think positively. But there was something wrong under the surface.


Then I luckily found Logan’s invite for coaching.  Not only did Logan support me in reversing my health problems, but also gave me the tools to be my own guru.  There’re SO many competing voices when it comes to MY health.  


Working with Logan showed me how to find what works for MY body.  How to eat foods that actually make me feel full and happy and energized.  How to move and support my body- not grind my joints down to nubs.  And even how to tap into the power of my emotions and motivations to lock in each new habit.


Not only am I able to sleep a solid 8 hours a night now but also my skin is clear.  And these changes spread throughout my whole life.  I have way less bloating and gas now, I'm MUCH more productive at work (earning several bonuses during Logan's coaching).  Plus, to level with you, my libido is practically out of control- so beware working with Logan haha.


- Zack Zeller

What is the Virtuous Vitality Coaching Program?

The main part of the program is direct access to me. We’ll hop on the phone, Zoom or Skype one-on-one for an hour twice a month.

Bonus #1: Lab Results Review

If you’ve done any sort of lab work, send that over and I will review it. This will help give more targeting recommendations…


But don't worry if you don't have any. It is not necessary if you don’t have it. (But if you do want to get some labs, I can also make recommendations here...as most lab work isn't actually that useful!)

Bonus #2: Free Courses!

If during our coaching, you need help in a specific area that I’ve covered before in my books or video courses I’ll hook you up with that for free. There’s no need for me to cover the same ground in our limited time together that I’ve covered in detail elsewhere.


Don’t worry I’m not saying you’ll have to read ten of my books! I’ll point you to the specific areas that may be most important which we can discuss after you’ve reviewed.

Bonus #3: 35% Off ALL

Lost Empire Herbs

I might recommend some of my herbs during our calls. I might not. It depends on what you need. 


But if I do, as a coaching client, you’ll be able to pick up anything for 35% off which is a bigger discount than you’ll find anywhere else.


(This and the previous bonus alone could be worth the price of the coaching program!)  

To Recap:

  • 2 x Monthly One Hour Coaching Calls One-on-One

  • ​Direct Email Access 

  • ​Lab Work Review 

  • Free Courses (as needed) 

  • ​35% off all Lost Empire Herbs

You're Getting My Mindshare 

As a coaching client you’ll begin to share space in my mind. This is not a trivial thing.


This means that I’m not just thinking about you during our calls. Your issues will be thought about during my morning journaling and meditations. I’ve even dreamed of clients before!


If you have an issue, I’m not familiar with I’ll read a book or three on the subject (I read a lot, sixty-five books and counting this year).


I will become a health adviser that is in fully in your corner and do everything in my power to make sure you get the results you wantThe benefits of this extend far beyond just our calls.


And for this reason I only have limited spaces available. 

Not-So-Fine Print

There are no refunds. My time is valuable to me. I can’t guarantee results because I can’t guarantee YOU will do the right things.


Also understand that while three to six months is enough time to make significant changes and get amazing results...some health issues take years to resolve fully. But I am off the belief that pretty much any health issue can be solved! We will be discussing expectations on the first call...


You cannot try the program out for just a month and then cancel. We’re in a contract for the time frame.


I’ll let you emergency reschedule a call once. Otherwise I need 24 hours’ notice to change times. I’ll hold myself to this same standard. 

The Choice is Yours Now

I look forward to getting started helping you get on an expanding spiral of Virtuous Vitality!


In health,

Logan Christopher


P.S. Virtue implies morality too. I would argue that it is morally imperative to be healthy because people are going to look up to you (sons and daughters especially, but also friends, other family, social network and more). Are you standing up for what is right in health to help inspire others do the same?


P.P.S. If you have any questions about the coaching program before you apply you can email me at logan@legendarystrength.com

"I spend a ton of money on my education. I think way outside the box, and I can tell you this. Hanging out with Logan for 15 minutes is much more educational in a practical way then hanging out for 15 weeks with pretty much anybody I know, and I know some pretty strong, cool people."


Chuck Halbakken,
World Record Card Tearer

"The two most inspiring people to me are you and Bruce Lee."


V. Subramanian, 15 years old

"Logan Christopher is an extraordinary fitness professional who has dedicated himself to the pursuit of self-mastery in wide-ranging, impressive avenues."

Mike Fitch,
Global Bodyweight Training

"Logan is a unique coach. He's a proven 'Strongman' and broad and deep health Researcher. His work on health is wide-sweeping and top quality. I use his suggestions and get great results. His work is one of the facets I include in my personal training. In addition to reading his stuff about hormones, I'm studying and implementing his info on Recovery and Breathing."


Michael C.

"With the tips, tricks, and training techniques Logan shares with you, you will make massive leaps forward in your physical capabilities."

Nick Nilsson,
The Mad Scientist of Muscle

"Sir, I've been a fan of your books, techniques, and training advice for a very long time. I love all of your bodyweight and KB training books. I own them all.

After a near-fatal vehicular accident which involved a rollover, two months ago, I'm already mobile, pain free, and in the best of spirits. I attribute that to your books and training methodology. How is that for an endorsement? "


Pat Sonti, USA (Ret.)

"There is untapped capacity inside all of us and Logan goes into great detail about not only how to attain this incredible power but also how to harness it on demand."


Mike Westerdal,
Critical Bench

"Christopher Sensei you have done a great deed in your many accomplishments for decades and continue to share your knowledge and wisdom to a vast number of students everywhere. We all thank you Sensei. "


George Jensen

"In a society where many feel divorced from from nature, it's so refreshing to read Logan Christopher's newest book, Powered By Nature. His passion is contagious! His words fire one's spirit to reconnect with nature's intelligence. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the ground we walk upon speak to us through these pages. Bravo! Logan."

Peter Ragnar,
The Longevity Sage

"I truly love your products....all of them are truly inspirational. I will soon be choosing some more of them. The knowledge and inspiration on your sites are spectacular...thank you.


David Allen Foat

"I love the progressions you put together and I want you to know you've really helped me develop my movement and exercise philosophy. You've really systemized your thoughts and ideas; your efforts have saved me VALUABLE years of what would have been futility and needless toil. HOW ARE YOU NOT ON THE COVER OF EVERY FITNESS MAGAZINE?!!! Your stuff actually works and is fun!"


Travis Brown

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